The All New Stylish Electric Guitar for Kids Learning Music

The All New Stylish Electric Guitar for Kids Learning Music

No matter how grief & dull one is, music brings an essence of overwhelming joy & serenity in just a few seconds. Well, it is rightly quoted by a famous musician that feeling music through instruments connects our soul to the positive energy that brings a sense of composure from all the stress & anxiety. Learning instruments like the guitar is not at all a rocket science now due to the advent of online tutorials & a guide of instructions. Even, children of the age of more than 10 years are finding it really exciting to play the guitar also, reducing the headache of their guardians as it has become an easy fun activity.

Due to the rising trend of music as the foremost recreational activity for children, a renowned brand of Loog has launched a range of Loog Pro Electric kids which is the best kids electric guitar of different age groups starting from 8 years.

Features of Loog Pro Electric The All New Stylish Electric Guitar for Kids Learning Music

Features of Loog Pro Electric

The brand of Loog has manufactured this guitar by keeping in mind the need for grooming the upcoming talent right from the tender age & as a fun activity for recreation. The stylish Loog Pro Electric guitar is tailor made for kids of age groups after 8 years who find it quite easy & fascinating to operate. The following are the features of Loog Pro Electric guitars.

  • It is available at a very reasonable cost & can be ordered online.
  • The fabulous design of guitars gives it the all new pop look that is certified by the professionals & approved by the educators.
  • The range of colors offered for Loog Pro Electric guitars is awesome which are designed so as to provide numerous options & attract the kids. The available colors being green, black, red, white, yellow, pink & lucite.
  • For learning purpose, a technical guide is attached with the purchase of a guitar that is user friendly.
  • They are superbly tailored for both girls & boys having a robust wooden body, a maple neck, flexible inflection and low string resistance for extended durability.
  • The structure of the guitar is completely assembled and all set for rocking.
  • Apart from the guide manual, it is also accompanied by flashcards having diagrams of the chord along with a subscription to the Loog Guitar app, which is compatible with both IOS and Android.

Art of Loog Pro Electric The All New Stylish Electric Guitar for Kids Learning Music

Excel the art of playing guitar on Loog

The Loog Pro facilitates the usage of the initial three strings of the guitar that have the exact strings & similar tuning. It is because of this versatility that one can learn on a Loog Pro guitar with six strings too.

The presence of the slimmest neck formed by three strings is associated & controlled through the Loog app. The Loog Pro Electric guitar enables the guitarist to play songs without scales or any prior training right away from the start of purchase. Through Loog, small kids and beginners can play, learn, and have fun from the very start, by means of accomplishing the skills that remain with them for life long.

General specifications with unboxing

Following are the sets of specifications that characterize the Loog Pro Guitar.

  • Structure: Paulownia
  • Strings & Cords: Maple
  • Controls: Volume Buttons
  • Length: 29.3″ (740.6 mm)
  • Width: 8.6″ (223.1 mm)
  • Number of Frets: 19
  • Scale: 20.4″ (520.2 mm)
  • Depth: 2.4″ (66.1 mm)
  • Weight: 4.1 lbs (1.8 kg)

As, discussed earlier also, the unboxing of Loog Pro Electric guitar can be done easily which has the contents of the guitar with flashcard & chord diagrams.

The Reliable Loog Guitar App

After the purchase of stylish Loog Pro Electric guitar, one can install its app on their smartphone & have access for its efficient playability. The instrument accompanied with altogether a one stop solution for controlling the guitar is magnificent to experience. It is bundled with all sorts of features & prerequisites that one should know before playing the guitar.

The app guides the user for all the information required for playing songs along with all the video tutorials synced with a tuner & a digital gallery of songs. So, it is super easy to excel the art of playing one’s favorite songs ranging from pop to classical.

A trusted partner in crime

If anyone has a guitar already, then still the Loog Pro Electric Guitar can be a nice companion along with the older instrument. One can still use it for tuning with some latest music, or it can be converted to a riff machine for playing a slide.

Creativity is the best companion for making dull things look colorful, so just bring out the inner musician in the outer world with the multiple music cords & strings of Loog Pro that is absent in the older guitars.

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