Tips To Watch Super Bowl LI Without Cable Connection

Don’t waste time anymore searching where to watch Super Bowl Li on February 5 without a cable connection. Below are some of the suggested Editor’s pick. Have a look.

super bowl li


You don’t need a pricey cable subscription to watch the Super Bowl LI. You just need an antenna to enjoy the game on February 5 and of course don’t be worried based on the memories of temperamental “rabbit ears” as today’s one come in several designs like Mohu Leaf that is paper-thin flat. It provides absolutely free crystal clear true HD resolution reception. Simply plug one of it to your TVs tuner. Price of an indoor antenna starts at $13 and comes with a range of 25 miles. Before ordering it is suggested to check websites like Antennaweb and TVFool for searching the reception quality in your location.

Sling TV

sling tv

Sling TV is an online streaming service and over past few years it has been the favorite of those who want to have a valuable solution for cord cutters. You can watch Super Bowl LI here. For a package of $40 a month you get over 40 channels to watch including Fpx and NBC. However, certain channels are made available in select markets only and you need to check for your location before paying for the subscription. It also supports various devices including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Chromecast as well as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue too is an online streaming service similar to the Sling TV. For about $40 a month package you can get access to several channels including the NFL network like CBS, NBC and Fox. Here too some of the channels are only made available in select market. It is compatible with PlayStation consoles, Chromecast, Roku devices and Amazon Fire TV too. A PlayStation Vue Mobile app is compatible with Android and iOS devices after mandatory activation process. TV-Connected device can also be used to stream Super Bowl LI through PlayStation Vue.

DirectTV Now

directtv now

DirectTV Now is the latest entrance in the online streaming space. It was launched in November 2016 and at a price tag of $35 a month you can enjoy more than 120 live TV channels including NBC and Fox. The service is also made available on Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Android devices and iOS devices. It comes with a free Amazon Fire TV stick with one month prepay and a free Apple TV with three months prepay subscriptions.

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