Top Guide Why Not To Cut Cord Of Traditional Cable

Some of us usually think coonsidering alternative to cable TV and few of us have already switched to either Netlix, or PlayStation Vue, or other service providers. Well, there is a twist to ponder before cutting the cord. Below are those briefed:

Any alternative available?

Top Guide Why Not To Cut Cord Of Traditional Cable

The traditional cable subscription comes with dozens of unwanted channels as those are bundled in the package. Ideal alternative will be those that allows picking and choosing only the channels one wants to watch. However, in reality there is no such alternative that comes free of bundling. The Sling TV, Amazon, Netflix and others also charges for the unwatched channels.

Cheaper than cable?

The Netflix, PlayStation Vue and other subscription may sound to be cheaper than the traditional cable, but it is suggested to the match before cutting cord. Suppose you go for a la carte iTunes purchases, an add-on DVR and several streaming subscriptions, you calculate how much you are spending in setting up all these. You will find the saving is zero and in some cases your new spending may be more than the cable.

Learn the strategy for watching live events like sports

Watching all the live sports may become a big headache if you opt out the cable subscription. Remember, PlayStation Vue and Sling TV don’t cover all the major sports. Also, ESPN is only available on Sling TV as of now. Similarly some regional sports networks such as NFL Red Zone and MSG are not available through Sling, PS Vue and few other services.

Strong Internet connection is required

Ditching cable means Internet connection to become lifeblood and hence you need to have a very reliable one. You need to make sure the connection need to be of super high speed bandwidth so that it streams HD quality. Moreover, you need to go for unlimited connection.

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