How to learn to invest from scratch?

How to learn investment from scratch

How to learn to invest from scratch?


To start earning through investing, you need to have a certain amount of initial savings. Capital is usually formed through wages. It is enough to allocate a certain amount, which will not be critical for the family budget and save it regularly. For example, an amount of 10 percent of salary will be enough to get the capital required for confident entry into the stock market in 3-12 months. The duration of the accumulation will depend only on the number of wages. Of course, you can start playing on the stock exchange even if you have $ 20, but in this case, the profitability will be minimal, so this approach can only be regarded as an opportunity to get the first income.

Helpful Tips for Beginning Investors

To attract investment for your rental, you should visit the JKR official site, which offers favorable conditions for cooperation. On the website, you can learn more about the conditions for startups that allow you to get the required investment. A successful start in the field of investment is possible if you adhere to a few simple recommendations:

  • Determine the investment horizon. When it comes to bonds, then securities are short-term and long-term. So government securities are usually redeemed for 3-7 years. There are also more long-term investments. Shares are perpetual assets. You can use them until the moment when the company’s securities continue to be quoted on the market.
  • The right choice of investment instrument. There are several popular ways to invest money. An investor should make a decision based on how it will be more convenient for him to purchase securities or precious metals, as well as based on trust in certain segments.
  • Consider the level of profitability. The lowest returns can come from the investment methods that remain the safest. More profitable are instruments that involve a certain risk, for example, corporate securities. For this reason, the investor should diversify his portfolio, which will reduce the overall risks.

For investments to bring income, it is necessary to determine the risk portfolio, which depends on the behavior on the stock exchange. To do this, the investor must establish the optimal return on investment, as well as define his own goals. An equally important point is the investment horizon, as well as the number of acceptable risks. Portfolio risk can be conservative, aggressive, or moderate.

If an investor wants to receive guaranteed dividends, losing in their yield, then he can use a conservative package. Low-risk instruments are used here, so you won’t be able to make quick money on investments. An aggressive investment strategy involves neglecting risk to maximize profits. The rational approach is to choose a moderate portfolio. In it, most of the investments are made up of low-risk instruments, but there are also several risky projects with high potential profits.

One of the proven methods of investment is government bonds and corporate bonds. The first option assumes a fixed rate and reduced risks, and corporate bonds will allow you to earn more, but the risks will also increase. Coupon yield on government bonds is up to 6 percent per annum and is tax-free.

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