Personal finance strategy in making money on currency exchange

Personal finance strategy – People typically perform currency exchanges to get funds they can use in a country they visit, but it is possible to make personal wealth off currency conversion. Success is based on the two countries’ economic conditions and varies when those conditions change unexpectedly. With respect to personal finance strategy the key is to exchange your currency at the right time. When performing a currency conversion you typically do not face much of a risk to lose much money as currency conversion is a slow growth or decline investment medium.

Personal finance strategy in making money on currency exchange

Watch Exchange Rate

According to personal finance strategy expert, monitor the exchange rate between the two currencies you want to trade. If one country’s economy is performing well, the exchange rate moves up in that countries favor. There are many different ways available for monitoring the currency conversion and build personal wealth.

One is through your local newspaper. This is going to give you the previous currency conversion close, all though it is not the most up-to-date. You also have the option of checking the currency conversion rate online. This provides a real-time rate throughout the day (currency exchange does not adjust over the weekend as there is no day trading). One of the best websites available for this is

Exchange Currency

Exchange your currency when your country’s economic performance is extremely high. This may be after the jobless rate decreases or there is high hope in the market as per personal finance strategy. It also helps with the gross domestic product (GDP) increases for country. This causes the currency to increase in value and hence personal wealth. Doing so make your currency more valuable and increases the amount of the foreign currency you receive back when making the trade.

Wait for the foreign currency you exchanged with to increase in value. As with your home money you want the foreign country’s market to increase and perform well. It also helps when your home economy begins to slow down and its currency value drops. In other words, you want the currency you are holding to perform well and increase in value and you want apposing currency to decrease in value.

Exchange the currency back to your home funds when the exchange rate is in the foreign country’s favor. This gives you more money in personal finance strategy than what you initially started off with.

Personal finance strategy

There are many different methods available for making money off of investments. Although not always though as one of the main investment opportunities, it is possible to make some money off of currency conversion. Because currency does not increase or decrease at a high rate, it is going to be a slow process for making money off of the currency.

What Determines the Value of a Dollar and Exchange Rates

The value of a dollar can be measured in terms of how much that dollar is worth if converted to another currency (a.k.a. the exchange rate). From central banks, to speculative traders, the market participants and their effect on the market is varied and complex. Nonetheless, we will take a look at the market forces that influence exchange rates and by extension, the value of a dollar.

Pegged or Free-floating Exchange Rates

A free-floating currency is one whose value is determined by the market forces of supply and demand. However, in some cases a governing authority may find it necessary to artificially influence the value of its currency by using with monetary policy measures i.e. changing interest rates, deposit requirements, and selling bonds etc.

A central bank may intervene in the currency market if exchange rates are threatening to derail the achievement of an economic goal or political objective. In most cases, any attempt to influence the price of a free-floating currency is a temporary measure that is usually withdrawn once normal market conditions return. In fact, it is difficult for any entity to influence the exchange rate of major currencies in a sustained manner because the forex market is so large.

However, there are countries that use a pegged exchange rate system. A pegged currency is one in which the exchange rate is fixed to another currency by the government. In this case market forces have little power to influence the exchange rate and also to personal wealth.

The Value of a Dollar and the Market Forces of Supply and Demand

personal wealth

The buying and selling pressures that are brought to bear by business and retail customers can affect the value of a dollar. It is a basic economic principle that the more desirable a commodity is, the more money those selling the commodity can ask for a unit of it. By-and-large, the most powerful force that acts on exchange rates is supply and demand. All else being equal, the value of a currency will appreciate if there is high demand for it and vice versa.

The difference between the overseas demand for a country’s goods and services (exports) and the local demand for foreign imports is known as the balance of payments. Generally speaking, when exports are greater than imports the local currency tends to appreciate in response to the positive net inflow of money. Most of this demand is created by business and individuals who will need to exchange one currency for another in order to pay overseas investments, travels plans and cross-country forex remittances, among other things.

Speculative Traders and Exchange Rates

There is another group that can influence the value of a dollar as a result of their market activities; these are speculative traders. Speculative traders, unlike retail customers and businesses, do not buy or sell currencies to facilitate the purchase of goods or services.

Instead, they seek to make a profit from the movement in exchange rates for the sole purpose of making a profit. As a result, they never take delivery of the currencies they are trading; except for profits that are made. Speculative traders are able to influence exchange rates and a currencies value to the extent that they hold relative large trading positions. A few traders usually won’t have enough capital to affect exchange rates in a sustained manner.

However, with the advent of the Internet and forex brokers the currency trading market is more open than ever to anyone who has the money and skills to trade the currency market. It is not inconceivable that if enough traders were in the market, at the same time, that they could move the exchange rates, where individually they wouldn’t have a chance to single-handedly influence exchange rates.

The Influence of Market Players on the Value of a Dollar

The value of a currency, and by extensions its spending power, is determined by a number of factors that include geopolitical events, monetary policy, the rhetoric of influential persons as well as fundamental economic realities, says personal finance strategy expert. While some countries have pegged their currencies to meet certain political or economic objectives, by and large, exchange rates and the value of a dollar is determined by supply and demand.

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