Startups That’ll Change the online trading Industry for the Better

The current financial institutions are about to be remodeled. In an attempt to bring online trading to a more comfortable level for everyone and still making it tech savvy, startups are looking to take on the challenge of changing the face of online trading. We will look at 10 startups that will change the online trading industry for the better.

Startups That will Change the online trading Industry for the Better

One of the better examples of this is the idea that one startup has developed is free trading. This will enable the investor to trade over their mobile devices. Trading fees complicate a trade, thereby making it impossible to trade by mobile. Without these fees trading can done from any location. No fees will be maintained by not using the middleman (the brokers and financial advisors).

One such company that is doing exactly this is Robinhood, which was founded by 2 young entrepreneurs. The primary goal of Robinhood is to bring a new generation into the investing arena by believing this new technology and way of trading will satisfy the millennia’s needs. While this may sound more like a non-profit agency however, analysts suppose that Robinhood will gain its profits through day trader margin accounts as well as account holders.

Robinhood is not the only startup that wants to change the way we invest. FinTech (the technology that is behind everything money) is surging into the banking worlds.

To the amateur investor, just knowing how to begin is a daunting undertaking. One of the solutions for the amateur investments is done through a social media environment. Nvestly has established a method for the amateur that will open other investors’ portfolios to gain some perspective as to what to invest in. The new customer will not see the actual cash gain. Nvestly will provide the ability for the customers to communicate with each other. By using the experienced investors portfolio the amateur can see when stocks are being sold.

Loyal3 has taken a different route toward online investing. They allow the consumer by a share of a share, in some cases as little as $10.00. An example will be if you wish to buy stock and the stock is $400.00 a share, Loyal3 will enable you to buy a portion of that share. You will continue to invest in your share until you have purchased the entire share.

While the terms the future and retirement are often expressed in the same breath this next startup will give a time frame of 20 years literally based on spare change. Here is how Acorn works, whenever you shop for food clothing or otherwise take the change and round it off. The money will be placed in a carefully vetted portfolio, by the end of 1 month you will have invested $45.00. This is not enough to go on vacation, but will be enough in 20 years.

Hedge funds are not generally what the consumer thinks about due to large investments and the requirement being an accredited investor which means a SEC regulation developed for the more sophisticated investor to not be required to file certain government files for protection. Hedge funds require large investments, but with SlicedInvesting the minimum for hedge funding is less. Making it simple it pools its capital from a group of investors meeting the hedge fund investment requirements. $20,000 is the Sliced requirement for investment and accredited investors only.

Stocktwits offers the consumer options using again social communications. With this particular format however, tweeting for trade is the norm.

CMC Markets also provides new generation tools for online investing. They have the technology created for mobile phone use trading as well as other platforms. Included is the financial news and financial analysts to guide you along.

Another and much needed novice trading platform is eTuro; a social trading network consumers are advised by brokers. The entire focus is on the beginner trader.

CMirror allows anyone to become a commissioned stock broadcaster by indicated trade signals.

Another startup that will aid the trader is the Collective2; this allows the investors to not only track their investments but to also auto track trades across multiple areas.

Big changes can be expected in the world of online trading. Daily there are startups competing with each other as to who can develop the more versatile platform. These startups are an invitation to those who have never traded before.

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