4 Retro Games That Will Make You Nostalgic

4 Retro Games That Will Make You Nostalgic

A feeling of nostalgia grips you on the mention of retro games. A sense of simplicity, shorter gameplay with challenges make retro games close to the heart. Even in this age of League of Legends or Hearthstone, retro games are still loved by gamers. Also known as “classic games” or “old school games”, these games are developed between 1970’s to early 2000s and include video games, console games, and personal computing games too. With the transition from 2D to 3D games, retro games paved way for the new age internet games like 24X7 rummy games played online with multiple players.

While these retro games never fail to bring a smile on our face, take a look at the some of the most popular retro games that people enjoyed playing before the advent of 24X7 games like online rummy games.

  1. Mario

MarioOwned by Nintendo, Mario is a fictional character of the popular video game series with the same name Mario. Having appeared in over 200 video games it is considered to the best-selling video game of all times. Being super successful with over 500 million units sold across the world, the Mario franchise includes Mario Kart series on racing, Mario Tennis and Mario Golf related to sports, role-playing series with the title Super Mario RPG and Paper Mario, and educational series games namely Mario Is Missing!Mario’s Time Machine and Mario Teaches Typing. The game is about an Italian plumber, Mario, who sets about to rescue the princess.

  1. PAC-MAN

PAC-MANThis game from Namco was first released way back in the year 1980. A widely popular game and considered to be a classic was created by Japanese video game designer Toru Iwatani and is an arcade game. It has been credited as being the longest running arcade video game franchise in America. The gameplay consists of the player navigating through a maze of PAC-dots and four coloured ghosts – Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. The objective of the game is gain points by eating as much as PAC-dots as possible in the maze, while the ghosts move around the maze trying to kill the PAC-MAN.

  1. Road Rash

Road RashIt is a racing video game developed and published in the year 1991 by Electronic Arts. The gameplay is about illegal road racing which you compete with other players to make it to the top spot. As the name goes, being rash is central to the gameplay keeping the players on tender hooks throughout. The player could use combative methods like punches, kicks and hand weapons too in order to fight with other players.


  1. Pokémon

PokémonIt is hugely successful and the world’s biggest game franchise with over thousands of versions of the game. Originally the video games were developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo is a role-playing game (RPG) series. In November 2017, over 300 million Pokémon games were sold worldwide coming second next to Mario franchise. The gameplay is all about having a digital pet Pokémon; train it and battle with other players to maintain your Pokémon career.

It’s game on!

Even with games like 24×7 rummy games that are known for their simplicity and interesting gameplay, retro games have made an indelible mark in our minds and hearts.

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