Battle For Azeroth’s Strongest Point: Lore And Art

Battle For Azeroth’s Strongest Point: Lore And Art

Battle For Azeroth was widely positively received by the gaming community. The game is very well thought-out, especially for the veterans. The only real problem with it is that BFA is quite inaccessible for the newcomers. The leveling system does not engage as it did in the past, mainly because of its length. However, services like WOW BFA raids or level up deals offered by gamers can solve this really fast.

Fortunately, in Battle for Azeroth, the leveling content is among the best in the entire game. There are many interesting zones to visit, a story campaign that focuses on the war going on between the Alliance and the Horde and even voiced quests. As a returning player, the game also seems to be fresh thanks to class additions and some new allied races.

WOW BFA raids Battle For Azeroth’s Strongest Point: Lore And Art

One of the biggest praises that BFA got was that the leveling experience is great. Warcraft fans can easily come back to the game simply for that. At the same time, Battle for Azeroth comes to the table with the very best lore and art in the history of Warcraft.

The big problem with BFA is the end game. It was simply not well-received when the game launched. Also, global cooldown changes made different classes harder to play. There are simplified talent trees that contain imbalanced skills. Some of the talents are simply now obsolete or useless, even if Blizzard did apply some tweaks.

Extra frustration was added by Blizzard in the expansion’s gearing system. You get a necklace that gets more powerful when some activities are performed. You can then unlock some gear traits that will modify abilities. Now, we also have Azerite Essences that are rewarding to unlock.

PvP variant Battle For Azeroth’s Strongest Point: Lore And Art

Unfortunately, many Azerite traits are boring. They just add stats instead of something that would attract players, like a spell effect. At the same time, many players said that the game’s Island Expeditions are boring, with AoE focus instead of tactics. With the PvP variant though, everything is more interesting.

Although there are clearly some problems, as you saw above, the core endgame of World Of Warcraft is a lot of fun. We see a popular and effective Mything+ dungeon system that offers powerful loot. 5-man dungeons remain fresh even if you most likely do dozens of different runs. Every single patch we see Blizzard adding new combat modifiers or affixes so existing content has new challenges. For instance, Mechagon was recently dropped. It is a large 8-boos dungeon and is seen as one of the best dungeons ever added in the game.

It is great to notice that characters can progress simply by being involved in 5-man dungeons. This does offer loot that is raid-tier. Also, the 10 and the 25-player raids are fun.

On the whole, BFA was received well by players, with many coming back and enjoying the leveling experience. It is great to see very good lore and quests that are attractive. Even so, the game still has some clear problems that Blizzard needs to fix as soon as possible.

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