Best games that you can play online

 Danger dash:

Best games that you can play online

Danger dash is similar to the subway surfer except it has some tigers chasing you and if you trip during the race; they will come and eat you. On your way you have to collect different coins, diamonds and rubies to get more points.

Subway surfer:

Have you ever wanted to do something illegal and then chased by the police? Now you can do that in the game too. All you have to do is to download subway surfer, and play it. It is a very interesting game. You are the funky boy who likes to ruin the public property by graffiti and there is a fat police officer with a stick who wants to catch you and beat you. All you have to do is to find your way from the obstacles and don’t get caught by the officer. On your way, you will find different coins and boost for most points and energy. As the time passes, it gets faster and faster. Only dare devils like to play this game.


Best games that you can play online

Mario is one of the famous games in the world. It has been there since the video games were invented. Now they are present with nice graphics and style. In this game, you are the Mario, a tiny man with a mustache and the princess is abducted by some nasty monster. You have to kill the tiny insects and turtles to get your way to the princess. Once you reach the final level, you have to fight the big monster and free the princess. The reward of the game will be in the form of a kiss, some points and bonus too. This is one of the favorite games of the ninety’s kids.

Plant vs. Zombies:

In this game, there is a fight between different plants and zombies. Basically the setting is in the garden of your house and zombies are trying to enter your house. The goal of the game is to prevent them from entering your house and save your brain. For that purpose, you can use different types of plants which will prevent them from entering your house and destroy your brain. Apparently, it looks boring, but it really can get your attention once you play it. Millions of people across the globe like this game and it have its second part available too. We played it’s current and most updated online version and we really love it.

Earn to die:

In this game, there is a zombie outbreak and you are the only man left on the earth. You are in your car and the goal of the game is to stay safe and keep away from the zombies.

Family farm:

The family farm is a game in which you own a farm and you have to take care of it. You have to plant different crops and buy cows, bulls, sheep, goats and chickens from the barn.

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