Changes We Would Like To See In FIFA 20

Changes We Would Like To See In FIFA 20

As the beginning of the new football season gets closer, football fans will be eagerly anticipating the release of the latest instalment of the FIFA 20 franchise. Fans were left disappointed with the recent edition and lamented the number of changes that were made, while the gameplay features that were added were hugely underwhelming and the game suffered because of that.

While ‘The Journey’ mode returned once again, there wasn’t much freshness that came with it. The career mode is in desperate need of being reimagined, and Ultimate Team has also needed a dynamic element added to make it worthwhile for fans to play. Pro Evolution Soccer is likely to be stronger in the coming season and could present the narrowest margin between the games for the first time in a long time. But, what can EA incorporate into the release to ensure that it remains the leading football game on the market?

career mode Changes We Would Like To See In FIFA 20

Fixed Potentials

While FIFA 19 did make progressive steps in removing the downfall of players as soon as they get to an older age, there is still some way to go. Players such as Glenn Murray and Bruno at Brighton and Hove Albion enjoyed excellent seasons once again, but since they are nearing mid-late 30s, they quickly suffer in their ratings after the first season. Murray could score 30 goals in the Premier League in your first season on career mode, and his rating would be lower for the 2019-20 season, and that simply shouldn’t be the case.

Some players get better with age, and their rating should be reflected in their form and not a fixed potential rating. The same goes for players who are younger and go up in rating despite not playing a minute of football. After all, that is precisely how football in the real world works, and football betting sites like Football Junkie takes into account the form of players rather than their potential that they have before tipping goalscorers in the biggest games.

Updates Changes We Would Like To See In FIFA 20

Meaningful Updates

One of the things that make players happy at the beginning of every season is playing with their favorite clubs with their newest kits, and players have their summer hairstyles, and everything feels fresh. However, some players like Paul Pogba change their hair every second month throughout the season, and as soon as this happens, there is a less realistic theme in the game.

There are updates throughout the season, and EA don’t tend to change the players’ appearances; instead, they just add new ones onto the game. This should change to add a new realistic element to the game. Along with this, EA should update the kits at the end of the season and enable an updated version of the game. Also, kits in countries such as Sweden and the USA are only lifelike for half of the shelf time of FIFA since their seasons begin in January, therefore this should also be rectified.

FIFA Changes We Would Like To See In FIFA 20

Women’s Football

The growing success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup has also raised its popularity more than ever before, reaching unprecedented levels. And while FIFA now includes national sides in the female game, it could be time to add the club sides. The Women’s Super League in England has been gaining momentum for years now and with Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Chelsea all competing in the competition next season, there has never been a better chance to ride this momentum and have an all-rounded game experience for fans.

This should also be the case in the career mode, as players always get the chance to manage men’s national sides. Instead, they could be offered the opportunity of managing the women’s national team and take full advantage of the qualities that come in the women’s side of the game.

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