Destiny Introduces First Multiplayer Mode Doubles Skimish

Destiny has got a new multiplayer mode. It is called as Doubles Skimish and emphasises on smaller teams and traditional firearms.

The new multiplayer mode is found on the Crucible hub of Destiny and in an old-school deathmatch the two teams of two players will face each other.

Destiny Introduces First Multiplayer Mode

It is usual some modulation must have been done to accommodate the new multiplayer mode. One such is to maintain the focus of the game on traditional gunplay. For this the level advantages have been disabled and also there is now a once-per-match limit offered to the heavy ammo drops. The reason for doing these is to eliminate both opponents and also to prevent them from reviving each other.

According to Bungie, this is just one first example of multiplayer experiments and more will be accompanying soon.

Lars Bakken, design lead of the model, described the new addition as a slower burn with more explosive pockets.

He said further that the Supers will be coming back rather slowly as they won’t be getting enough actions per minute compared to what it is without the multiplayer mode.

The main goal of multiplayer mode Destiny was to take the existing rules and mixing those in creating a fresh experience. Also, each of the players will be having their own winning or losing destiny and it won’t be blamed on each other.

Apart from all these, Bungie announced in a blog post they have added exotic sniper rifle named as Ice Breaker in the game.

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