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Retro games online: Each class in Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures in Facebook has a two abilities, or class powers. The first class power is unlocked after the third generation character is retired, while the second class power isn’t unlocked until the tenth generation character is retired. Also keep in mind that the Swordmage class is only available after the fifth generation character is retired.

Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures

D&DTA Cleric Class Powers: Lesser Healing (1st), Consult Oracle (2nd)

Lesser Healing heals 4 HP +2 per level. The power essentially acts like a free potion of sorts, allowing players to save potion slots for ability score bonuses. It’s also a great ability for Ironman mode.

The second class power, Consult Oracle, tells you the next three encounter checks. Predicting the future, however, is different from being able to do anything about it, rendering the power almost completely useless.

D&DTA Fighter Class Powers: Unstoppable (1st), Bullrush (2nd)

Unstoppable gives the Fighter +2 Strength and Damage Reduction 2 (reduces 2 HP of damage) for as many encounters as the character’s level. The strength bonus helps against strength and attack checks, while the DR2 protects slightly from failed encounters. Another good ability for Ironman Mode.

Bullrush will allow the character to immediately charge into the next encounter with a +2 bonus. A great class power for impatient players (note: Bullrush will not rush into the final encounter, but will still give a +2 bonus).

D&DTA Paladin Class Powers: Sacred Circle (1st), Celestial Charger (2nd)

Facebook App D&DTA

The first class power, Sacred Circle, gives the Paladin +3 AC and +3 vs Undead for four encounters. A useful power for adventures with undead checks, such as the aptly named The Paladin’s Curse, but other than that, not too useful.

The second class power, Celestial Charger, makes the Paladin skip the next encounter entirely (does not work on the final encounter). Possibly the worst class power in the Dungeons and Dragons Tiny Adventures.

D&DTA Ranger Class Powers: Jaws of the Wolf (1st), Quickdraw (2nd)

A Ranger’s first power, Jaws of the Wolf, gives +2 Attack and +2 Dexterity for 5 encounters. The bonuses are somewhat minor, but they last for 5 encounters, and work particularly well in forests.

Quickdraw allows the Ranger to use two more potions during the adventure, which can help to survive the difficult level 10 adventures.

D&DTA Rogue Class Powers: Quick Fingers (1st), Pickpockets (2nd)

Quick Fingers adds +3 Dexterity and +3 vs traps for 3 encounters. Since Dexterity adds to the Rogue’s attack and armor class, this D&DTA class power covers quite a few checks.

As for Pickpockets, the amount of gold received will double for four encounters (note: the extra gold does not count toward the final score). A good class power for greedy heroes.

D&DTA Warlock Class Powers: Shadow Walk (1st), Dark One’s Own Luck (2nd)

Adding +3 Charisma, +3 Constitution, and +3 vs Magic for three rounds certainly isn’t a bad for first class power Shadow Walk. Even better, then, that Charisma adds to attack bonus for Warlocks, and the constitution adds a few HP for when the last few encounters are cutting it close.

And Dark One’s Own Luck maximizes the amount of gold and potential damage received from the next 3 encounters. While risky, this class power tremendously increases the end score potential, which is why every single score on the top 10 global leaderboards is a Warlock.

D&DTA Warlord Class Powers: Stand Tough (1st), Guide the Charge (2nd)

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Stand Tough, oddly enough, adds +3 Strength for four encounters, and removes any penalties. The Strength bonus is odd, since Warlords use Charisma for attack bonus. Regardless, removing penalties (such as curses), is a nice ability, but requires too much babysitting to be useful.

Guide the Charge, unfortunately, requires even more babysitting and coordination. It increases the amount of maximum buffs from friends from a total of +3 to +4 for 3 encounters. If you don’t even have 4 friends playing Dungeons & Dragons Tiny Adventures, Guide the Charge is totally useless. However, if you do, then even a measly +1 bonus can come in handy.

D&DTA Wizard Class Powers: Magic Missile (1st), Hallucinatory Item (2nd)

The first class power, Magic Missile, gives +5 attack bonus for 3 encounters. At +5, the bonus is pretty significant, but unfortunately limited to only attack checks.

Hallucinatory Item is a peculiar D&DTA class power that allows the Wizard to create one random item that can be used only during the current adventure. As one can imagine, the power is only occasionally useful, and depends mostly on luck.

D&DTA Swordmage Class Powers: Silversteel Veil (1st), Glamor Blade (2nd)

The Swordmage’s main claim to fame is Silversteel Veil, which forces the player’s roll to be 10 for the next encounter. Since all final encounters are exactly the same, patient players can use potions and this class power to guarantee a success on the final encounter. Using this ability randomly, however, will obviously result in mixed success.

Glamor Blade, another nifty class power, doubles the Swordmage’s (main hand) weapon’s stats for one round. For example, a Swordmage wielding a Dragonslayer Greatsword (+7 attack, +4 vs Dragons), will receive +14 attack, +8 vs Dragons for one encounter using Glamor Blade. To repeat for the sake of clarity, this D&DTA class power will only work on the weapon held in main hand, the power will not work on any item in the off-hand.

Retro Games Online Class Powers – Conclusion

Choosing between all the class options in such retro games online can be a difficult task. Hopefully, by glancing over all the class powers, this guide will make that decision easier.

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