Getting started with World of Warcraft roleplay

According to, the World of Warcraft in-game introduction to a new gnome character says: “With their obsession for developing radical new technologies and constructing marvels of mind-bending engineering, it’s a wonder that any gnomes have survived to proliferate.”

Getting started with World of Warcraft roleplay

Gnomes, Dwarves And Troggs

This statement is borne out in the gnomes’ history, after they were forced to leave their home city of Gnomeregan when it was invaded by troggs. In releasing toxic radiation to kill the troggs, the gnomes killed off nearly 80% of their own population before fleeing to the safety of Ironforge and the friendship and protection of the dwarves.

The Gnomeregan Exiles are also known as Ironforge gnomes because of their link with the dwarven city of Ironforge. Gnomes are often seen as a comical race because of their appearance, small size and often foolhardy engineering exploits, but role players could also choose to play up the intelligence of the race which makes them formidable – although sometimes lethal – engineers and scientists.

Choosing A Class

In contrast to their scientific activities, gnomes are not renowned for their religious beliefs, and so have no priests, paladins, druids or shamans among their ranks.

The gnomes’ small size makes them highly effective rogues, as unprepared enemies are less likely to spot a gnome rogue creeping up on them, and they are renowned for their agility, making them experts at escaping from awkward situations.

Role players preferring to choose a spell-casting gnome have the option of mages or warlocks, and those wanting an angry little gnome that attacks everyone in sight can choose to play as a warrior or a death knight – the latter in particular providing a good built-in backstory which would account for the gnome’s bloodlust.

Speech And Language

Gnomes speak Gnomish, which is also known as Gnome, and also understand Common, which is the human language spoken by all races of the Alliance.

World of Warcraft roleplay

When speaking, gnomes often speak about themselves in the third person, for example, “Dixie can give you the dynamite” instead of “I can give you the dynamite”.

Choosing A Name

Gnome parents name their children at birth, with examples of female gnome names including Ashli, Nefti, Sorassa and Gamash, as well as names which include initials, such as K. Lee and J.D.. Male names include Gelbin, Sicco, Toshley, Fizzcrank, Grobnick and Erbag.

Surnames are taken from a child’s parents, but young gnomes are expected to invent their own name to reflect their own achievements once they are of age. Some family names are Smallfry, Fullthrottle, Mekkatorque, Manastorm, Darkmoon and Bombtosser.

Some gnome role players may also choose to give their character a title, such as Tinker or Mekgineer, to give their character more depth.

Have Fun!

No matter how well prepared a role player is, the very nature of the game means a player is likely to come across a situation that throws them and creates an unusual challenge for their character.

However, by sticking to the simple role playing rules, such a situation can become an interesting and fun experience, and role players should always be willing to try to work their way out of such situations while staying in character so that all the players involved have the best possible experience.

World of Warcraft Realms and Servers

World of Warcraft, or WoW, is an enormous online multiplayer game. To support the game’s huge player population, Warcraft uses multiple servers called realms. Choosing which type of realm to play in is one of the first decisions you’ll make in World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft servers are divided into four different types of realm: Normal, PVP, RP and RPPVP. Each server type has its own advantages, depending on individual players personal playng styles.

Normal Servers

World of Warcraft

“Normal” servers are best suited to Warcraft novices and those who don’t like competing against other players. In a Normal server players can choose to fight other players, but it’s not essential. Nor do players have to pretend to be their characters.

PVP: Player vs. Player Servers

PVP realms assume that players want to fight and compete against the players in the opposing faction. There are two playable factions in World of Warcraft—the Horde and the Alliance. On a player vs. player server the emphasis is on player combat. Competition between the two factions can be fierce, and emotions often run higher than they do on a Normal server.

RP: Role playing Servers

In an RP server players are expected to interact with other players as if they were the characters they play. In other words, players should talk and act the way they think their characters would. Role playing can be great fun with skilled players, although bad RP is a bit of a running joke amongst Warcraft players who don’t role play.

RP servers have a rule not seen in Normal or PVP realms. Characters must be named appropriately. In other words, a player can have a character named Aelfred, but a name like Killsthehorde isn’t considered acceptable. Other characters can report players who don’t use RP names, which can lead to Warcraft insisting on a name change.

RPPVP Realms

As the name implies, RPPVP servers are a mix of role playing and player vs. player servers. While both role play and PVP are ideally given equal weight, RPPVP servers often favor one or the other mode of play, depending on the preferences of the server “inhabitants.”

There’s some flexibility within World of Warcraft realms. Players can take part in role playing or PVP on any server—just be aware that not all players on the server will be interested in playing in the same way. There are Normal servers with thriving player vs. player communities, and PVP servers with characters who avoid player combat and focus on completing quests. Ultimately, it’s the players in the realm who dictate how well a server plays. The four divisions, however, give players some idea of what to expect in each realm.

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