The Growing Industry of E-sports and gaming world

The Growing Industry of E-sports and gaming

Sports betting has been around for centuries since the invention of currency. Legal sports betting has been approved more than a century ago, and it doesn’t show any signs of depreciation.

In the past few years, a new type of sports betting has arrived, and that is called E-sports.

The letter “E” comes from electronic, and as you’ve guessed it, it’s all about video games. But it’s not about just any type of video games; it’s based on those that have that competitive element to them and can be played in multiplayer mode.

These types of games require dedication, skills, quick reaction and communication. The best players around the world get endorsed by hardware manufacturers, online platforms or energy drink and snack producers.

But with so much money flying around these players, tournaments and game creators, we ask ourselves: is betting in E-sports a viable thing?

The Growing Industry of E-sports Betting

The answer is, YES. In the last seven years, E-sports tournaments gathered a lot of stream viewers and ticket buyers. We are talking about anywhere from hundreds of thousands to millions of viewers, game buyers, ticket buyers and gamers who want to bet.

So there is a market for everyone when it comes to E-sports and gaming in general. The gaming market is worth worldwide about three-hundred billion dollars. Also, the E-sports industry is just passing the one billion mark. So, it’s not hard to see that the gaming world is a goldmine.

With that in mind, you can estimate the number of possible E-sports gamblers that are willing to bet on a team with in-game currency, items or real cash. From millions of viewers, we can safely say that there are thousands of players always betting, watching the matches and gathering information and statistics about many game  It’s actual math, but in the world of E-sports betting, everything is about math, from the game itself to the odds of winning and how much you bet.

E-sports betting exploded in the last five years and mostly because of how it was perceived at first. Players, viewers and even organizers still frown upon this type of betting because it’s done over the Internet.

But with time, betting has improved, and so the betting sites now offer a better interface, streaming, and reliability. They are done professionally, and they also offer tutorials for betting, in a written or a video format. There are even players who host popular streams on how they bet and how much, but that’s another subject.


So no matter if you are a beginner or a pro at betting at an E-sports tournament, you can watch and learn from other players.Sites offer an intuitive interface, with a great array of games you can choose from.

You can sign in with whatever platform you want, from Facebook to Steam and you can try betting on regular matches. This will help you understand the system better so that you save away some money and prepare for the upcoming world tournaments.

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