How To Help Children Become Professional eSports Player

The trend is changing. Sporting has taken the very indoor place too, your desktop, laptop or gaming devices. People have started playing the online games professionally and many have started getting recognition. Your child too may be interested in rising high in eSports. If this is so, don’t de-motivate your kid and give all the support to succeed. Below are some tips how they can do well in gaming career.


Right eating

A healthy and disciplined diet is required even for an eSports player. Introduce oily fish in the meal if the child shows interest in playing games professionally. This will help in concentrating for long periods as fish oil is good for the brain. The protein consumed from a fish diet helps in getting the best possible physical shape. Restrict fatty and sugary foods and encourage to drink enough water, eat enough fruit and enough vegetables too. These will keep the energy levels up.

Good sleep

At least eight hours of sleep is important for your younger one no matter which gaming schedule he or she is following. Try to keep the sleep undisturbed and regular too.

Preparation, failure

Preparation leads to success. Set out effective practice schedule and before a challenging competition ensure that everything is going right. Don’t forget to charge the battery power of the controller as mid-way in the tournament it may exhaust charge. Have everything ready.

Stretch it out

Take your body seriously. Stretch your muscles to avoid Playstation Thumb, Xbox Hypertrophy or FPS Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carry out a risk assessment of your child, if required.

Get sociable

Versatility is what counts in the success of eSports player too and so it is suggested to help your kid to broaden up the horizons. Help him or her to shine as individual and also as team players. It is very important for them to understand how to play single player and multi-player too. Ensure that the child does not misses out great events like League of Legends World Championship just because they don’t like people.

Happy life

Mental fitness plays key role in making your child professional eSports player and so it is suggested to lead a happy life. The child needs good support of parents. Try to keep them away from their ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, and also the drug-taking friends.


Apart from all these, it is highly suggested by experts to just love your child and don’t let them doubt their own ability. Show them all the support that is needed.

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