How the gaming industry is reinventing the classics

How the gaming industry is reinventing the classics

How the gaming industry is reinventing the classics

If you go back to review the past trends of the gaming industry, you will notice that it has gone through numerous changes since the 70s, when video gaming first became a commercial rage. Like all the other sectors – from design to technology – gaming trends are constantly evolving and transforming. The first recognized example of a video game was Nim, and having seen its excellent reception, the trend was followed by Tetris and Nintendo. While these have stepped aside to hand over the spotlight for various other successors, they still hold an iconic position in every seasoned player’s memory. In simple terms, they are associated with times when games were simple, with a clear goal for gameplay so that almost anybody could start playing immediately.

With commercialization, home consoles were overtaking arcade games, which means it encouraged developers to focus on video games that enhanced a player’s experiences, taking such aspects into account. This was during the years when both, children and adults, were hooked on their favourite games such as Street Fighter, Super Mario, and Pinball that could be played on their personal computers.

A breakthrough in video gaming

The nineties were not just about puzzles or saving princesses that were trapped in castles. This era introduced audiences to multiple gaming genres such as racing games, stealth games, and first-person shooters in 3D graphics. In the 2000s, developers shifted from single-player to multi-player experiences thanks to the advancement of technology. This helped widen the gaming options for players, with the possibility of playing games online with strangers.

The market for advanced gaming accessories continues to rise, helping players make the most of just about any video game they want. However, many experienced players are still looking back to get a fix of the simplified fun they once enjoyed.

Classics and the makeovers they are receiving 

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Many of the games such as SEGA Mega Drive and SNES Cartridge have limited capacity, graphics, and sound capability features. Despite that, players would be open to returning to such games. One of the main reasons that players look forward to retro games is that it reminds them of their childhood, and a little reminiscing of the good old times never hurt anyone. Many also want their children to be exposed to those games which offered a straightforward aim and tons of clean fun. An example of this is the immediate show-stealer that the PlayStation mini-console, unveiled by Sony, has already turned into. It is almost similar to the Nintendo’s classics- NES and SNES, with well-designed enhancements, an extensive library of games, and a shift to 3D graphics from 2D in many of these titles. Planned for a launch at the end of 2018, it is predicted to become a coveted collectible, sure to appease those reeling in nostalgia.

Furthermore, while retro games had a simple game design and structure, they have been found to hold the interest of players for longer durations of time than modern games. Players also have a perception that modern games cannot provide the rich experience and contentment than the classics offered, mainly because technology has advanced, and new features have been added to these reinventions.

An example of this is the digitization of traditional card games like Rummy and Poker, which surprisingly have taken the gaming industry by storm. The culture of card games, such as play  online, is extremely rich and diversified in terms of style and the audiences it appeals to, mainly because Rummy websites offer multiple variants, tournaments, and tables as per a player’s skill level. Statistics say that almost 10 million users play card games and 1 million apps are downloaded.

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Online versions are replacing the offline trend of such games for numerous reasons. For starters, a quick  download from the App Store provides a hassle-free gaming experience anywhere and at any time. With the possibility of instant log in from any location, you do not have to search for opponents to start playing.

Players can download the rummy app without incurring any money and can match their scores with other players across the nation. With optimized shuffling of cards, there is no scope for foul play when users take to online gaming, and this, in turn, helps to enhance a player’s overall experience. Rummy is not far behind when it comes to choosing a preferred card game. It is currently 7 million users strong, with 5000 app downloads, every year.

To summarize, the gaming trends are changing from year to year. Developers are putting their back into emanating games to enhance the experience of players. However, people are still looking forward to using retro games, which has encouraged the gaming industry to reinvent the classics.


  • JovanB

    Don’t get me wrong, i like old games, but i think they should be left in the past, and that we should invest in future and make new entertaining games.

  • Cesar

    Interesting article. Personally I think trying to revisit classic games is good as long as a) the goal is to immortalize them so they can still be played in newer devices b) it doesn’t interfere with the development of new games. Still, this is mostly a good trend in my opinion.

  • mohamed ismail

    many people love classics and i am from those people i think many people would buy this
    old games as its fast and need a good mind and a professional palyer

  • mohamed ismail

    i think many people would buy this classic games as it needs professional players and fast hand and good brain as it is very fast games like mario and others

  • Clive Evans

    Gaming industry was always the pioneer in multimedia and home medias. Every early computers had games installed in them. now with greedy hungry gaming companies like EA, its gonna suck too.

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