How to lose weight with Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus gives busy (or shy) people the opportunity to work out in their own homes with the aid of a virtual personal trainer. In order to work out with the Wii Fit Plus, you will need a Wii Fit Plus board and a Wii Fit Plus compatible game. The Wii Fit Plus board is slightly larger than a bathroom scale, and works in conjunction with the Wii console. There are several ways a user can use the Wii Fit Plus in order to lose weight.

How to lose weight with Wii Fit Plus

Play Balance Games on the Wii Fit Plus

Balance games on the Wii Fit Plus force the user to engage their core muscles. Most people don’t use their core muscles very often, and increasing the strength and mass of the core muscles will increase metabolism and help the user lose weight.

Play Strength Training Games on the Wii Fit Plus

Strength training games on the Wii Fit Plus teach the user –with the help of a virtual trainer– to do basic exercises that use the user’s own body weight to help increase their strength. Moves include exercises for legs, thighs, arms, back, and abs. Building these muscles helps to increase one’s metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

Practice Yoga with Wii Fit Plus

The Wii Fit Plus teaches basic yoga poses. Yoga helps to relax the mind and body. Those who suffer from stress-related diseases (such as adrenal fatigue) can lose weight once they eliminate or reduce the amount of stress in their lives.

Create Your Own Workout with the Wii Fit Plus

The Wii Fit Plus can be programmed to create a personalised workout. Choose from strength training or yoga moves, and create a workout that lasts up to an hour long. The Wii Fit Plus virtual trainer will help you make your way through the workout.

Heed the Advice of the Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus

Wii Fit Plus will remind the user to drink water every hour or so. Messages will also pop up telling the user to slow down or reduce the intensity of the workout.

Keep Track of Time and Calories on the Wii Fit Plus

Once you set up a profile on Wii Fit Plus, you can keep track of the amount of time you have spent on the Wii Fit Balance Board. This view can be altered to check time and calories per session, day, week, or month. Keeping track of this information can help you be aware of the amount of calories you are expending.

Top Three Wii Fit Games for Weight Loss

The video game industry has been a source for obesity in children. However, the Wii Fit is changing the way kids and adults play games. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) has released a statement that recognizes the benefits of the Wii Fit for exercise, weight loss, and a fun video game experience. If a gamer likes playing sports, he will enjoy these three Wii Fit games for exercise and weight loss.

Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing

Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing video game came in as the number one way to lose weight and burn calories. Rhythm Boxing burns 216 calories in a 30 minute exercise. Since most people play the game for more than 30 minutes, the Wii Fit Rhythm Boxing video game can potentially burn off hundreds of calories after one session. The game forces players to step on and off the platform along with virtual punching, so the video game is similar to a step class workout, which is proven to be an effective way to lose weight. It’s also a great way to tone the arms, chest, and legs.

Wii Fit Virtua Tennis

lose weight

For people who like tennis and have plenty of room in the home to swing arms around, the Wii Fit tennis games incorporate upper body swinging and movement. One popular video game made for the Wii is Virtua Tennis. ACE claims that a person can burn up to 160 calories playing the Wii Fit tennis games. Tennis requires users to move side-to-side, which also incorporates cardiovascular exercise. Wii Fit tennis games help people tone the thighs and legs with increased muscle tone in the arms as well.

Wii Fit Backyard Baseball

For people who just want to break a sweat, Wii Fit baseball games are fun ways to lose weight and exercise ACE claims that a 30 minute session playing baseball games will burn approximately 135 calories. Backyard Baseball incorporates upper body exercises especially in the chest. Gamers are able to simulate playing the game for several sessions, and it works the upper body to improve the amount of muscle tone.

These three Wii Fit games are just a few of the ways families can lose weight playing video games. These games are also multiplayer, so the whole family can join in with the action. Wii Fit games that help you lose weight include baseball, tennis, bowling, boxing, and golf. Just one session a day with these video games will improve energy and weight loss.

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