How to quit World of Warcraft or getting started with it

It’s no exaggeration to say that World of Warcraft is an addictive game. Indeed, the title from Blizzard entertainment and its expansion packs keep millions of people glued to their computers on a daily basis. For those with addictive personalities, this can sometimes create problems.

How to quit World of Warcraft or getting started with it

Personal relationships may suffer as well as alternate interests, all due to the engrossing game-play of World of Warcraft. Some people may feel as though they would like to quit playing, but find themselves logging in time after time. Of course, no problem is insurmountable and there are definite tips to help anyone quit playing WoW!

Build Passion in Alternate Interests

Many play video games such as World of Warcraft because they have little else to do. If looking to push oneself away from the computer screen, one great way to do it is to find something more attractive outside of the game.

Although this sounds simple, it can take some searching to find something that stimulates the senses in the appropriate manner. It might be martial arts, sports, socializing, the creative arts, a new career, cooking, reading or any one of a host of other activities. The important thing is to try a few of these activities out in the time that might normally be taken up by World of Warcraft.

Try Different Video Games

One doesn’t need to demonize video games in general, simply because one game is too addictive! In fact, by playing World of Warcraft, many gamers cut themselves off from the myriad of fun and exciting video games that are released, year round. A WoW player could try different games on the PC, or invest in a games console to distract from Warcraft. This has the added bonus of being far easier on the addicted mind. The substitute is similar in nature to the original. Of course, this also can be dangerous as it could lead to playing World of Warcraft once more.

How to Dislike World of Warcraft

And finally, a good strategy to quit playing World of Warcraft is to figure out what is annoying about the game in the first place. Any person will have gripes with a game they play almost constantly, so the person attempting to quit should focus on those factors. Is the game too repetitive? Are the graphics now stale? Are the other people playing it aggravating? Is the game-play no longer fresh and interesting? There are many things to complain about, just pick a few and concentrate on them!

World of Warcraft

The basic strategy for quitting an addictive substance is to use distraction and diligence. Some discipline is needed to quit World of Warcraft, but there are many people that have done so and improved their lives because of it. One place to read about such successes is at WoWDetox, a site dedicated to relaying messages from ex-Warcraft players. Good luck!

Getting Started With WoW Roleplay – Undead

One thing that sets the Forsaken aside from any other race is that a character could be role played as human or elf and still be within the lore. The queen of the Undead, Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, was in life the leader of the Blood Elf forces, and there is no reason why a character should not make use of that possibility to create an individual character.

An Evil Race?

Traditionally, most Forsaken are dedicated only to their own interests, and are feared and hated by outsiders. The reason for this is explained in the in-game introduction to an Undead character, which says: “As one of the Forsaken, you must eliminate any who pose a threat to the new order – be they human, undead, or otherwise.”

Not all Forsaken are evil, but it is more rare to find a good Undead, with World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game describing them as as “pretty despicable, and their motivations as a race are evil and destructive”.

Role Playing Possibilities

But despite this perception there are some who, while still furious at what has been done to them, try to resume the life they had before dying. These characters can provide an interesting role play setting, especially if other role players understand something about the history of the race, and the player has to build up trust and an understanding with other characters.

World of Warcraft

Forsaken are essentially corpses, and while the necromantic magic used to create them keeps them preserved in that state, natural decay still happens. Players could use this as a backdrop for role play, creating a Forsaken that has been driven mad after noticing the effects of this decay, or one which is working to try to find a cure for this decay.

A Word About Death Knights

Although the Death Knight class is available to all races, an Undead Death Knight may not be the easiest character to role play. To become a member of the Forsaken, the character would have had to have died and then be brought back to life. Death Knights have a similar story.

To be a Forsaken Death Knight, the character would have had to have been incredibly unlucky to have died and been ressurected twice. It is not impossible for a character to have been so unlucky but, it is unlikely. However, if a player chooses to use this back story, there is scope to create a very interesting character who may well be seriously mentally traumatised by their experiences.

Speech And Language

The Forsaken speak Gutterspeak and Orcish, the common language of the Horde, although it could be argued that they should be able to understand Common – the language of the humans in WoW – as well, as most Undead were human when they were alive.

Unfortunately for players, it is against Blizzard’s rules to use any add-ons which allow Horde characters to understand an Alliance language, so while the understanding of Common may be part of an RP character’s biography, it will not be a practical skill within the game world.

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