Kids Should Be Explained About Privacy Before Playing Online Games

Kids Should Be Explained About Privacy Before Playing Online Games

Kids love online gaming. It’s a fun for them and a good way to connect with others, but there’s some risk too and your younger ones need to understand those. The first and foremost thing to know is to avoid revealing personal information and posting personal photos.

Even if personal information is not shared, the kids may get in trap of certain adverse situations and they should know how to handle those.

Parents should ensure the gaming machine or the PC is kept clean. It should be up to date protected from malware and other threats. Mobile phones and other connected devices to the internet should also be protected with the latest software patch. Cyber attack experts suggest to use latest operating system, anti-virus software, web browsers and apps.

A strong password is always recommended and it should be a mix of alphabet, number and symbols. The password should not be less than 12 characters.

Kids are always urged to talk to their parents or any trusted adult if another player is making him or her feel uncomfortable and not to get engaged in the discussion. All the gaming titles and platforms come with a ‘block’ or ‘report’ feature to help keep the place clean. It is also suggested to keep a record of what other player said.

Gaming should never be considered as a place for dating and so it is urged not to use voice chat or web cam. Voice chat should only be used if the platform allows disguising your voice.

The most important warning from experts for kids is not to download anything from strangers as malware programs may invade the machine even though it is claimed those are equipped with cheat programs to help perform better in the gaming.

Apart from all these, parents should do their own research about the gaming titles and understand the ratings of those before the kids are allowed to play. Some of the games also come with multiple games and here too it is urged to check the ratings of all.

It is to note prohibition the kids from playing may not work as they may access games at schools or friends house. Making them understand about their privacy to help them know which information is not supposed to be shared online. Also, the computer or gaming machine should be kept in a central location where the online activities could be monitored.

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