How To Make Cheap Powerful Gaming PC

You may be hunting for a powerful gaming PC at lower price in the market, but the response would be disappointing. Below are some tips how you can save money while assembling a powerful gaming PC:

powerful gaming pc

Salvage old PC parts

You may not know that your old desktop still is worth in a better way instead of being a scrap. Some of the parts in it still may be in working condition like the power supply, the case, the optical drive, hard drive and sometimes even the CPU or the motherboard. The main requirement in gaming PC is the GPU and it needs to be powerful to help games run fast, without any hindrance.

Get used parts

Visit eBay and you can get some really good used parts. Those are good and comes at cheaper price. You can also get lower-priced used parts in your local market or other online platforms. However, it is always suggested not to buy used hard drive as sometimes those contain sensitive information of the owner who earlier used it. It is better you buy a new 1TB hard drive. It comes at economical price these days.

Get cheap CPU

CPU does not play a key role in gaming PC. The main trick is to have a powerful GPU. The CPU does not require to process as fast as GPU in terms of gaming and a slower version will do the same job. Here you will save money too.

Focus on powerful GPU

This is the trick. To have a good gaming experience your PC should have a powerful GPU. Don’t compromise on it. Allocate as much money as you can so that you get the best performance.

Look for deals

Subscribe to the email notification of some of the good and popular estore website. You will be updated with the latest price and if there is a good discount of best deal offer. You can do the same with apps. There are several applications for mobile phones that do the job of finding best deals and notifying you. You will save good money with this trick too.

Ask friends or relatives

Ask your friends or relatives for some unused parts of their PC. If they are not willing to give for free, offer some money. If you are lucky, you will get good parts at cheap price, even free sometime.

Low price LED, peripherals

You can save money by getting lower-priced LEDs and peripherals. A colorful LED or mechanical keyboard may look great but are pricey. So try to compromise on such stuff and you will save some more money while assembling a powerful gaming PC.

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  • Abdullah Al Fahad

    Most of people get confused when matter comes to build a gaming rig. Most of people do not trust on second hand products nor agree to pay around $300-500 USD for a powerful gpu. This post will help those people to get best bang for bucks according to their desire. All they have to do is inquiry a bit and definitely test those hardwares before buying and warranty is must in case of mid to high end gpus. In the end, It’s a very helpful & contemporary post. Best of luck & Keep posting. 🙂

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