How To Master Chess Playing – Proven Tips

Learning the rules for chess is obviously the first thing to study when you want to become a good player. The rules are easy to find, they’re included in the box when you buy your first chess set, or simply look them up online.

chess playing

If there’s a club nearby then it might be worth joining as they’ll have players of varied levels and abilities, giving you lots of opportunity to practice against players as good as you, and better. You can also look online for Internet chess and this gives the chance to play more or less where and when you like.

Read up on some basic tactics, a crucial process if you want to become really good and win some games! Studying tactics provides the skills to realize when your opponent has made an error in judgment, and how you can then act upon it.

Generally, games are lost, or won, due to mistakes made in the game plan. If you are just learning then this could involve something really simple, such as moving your piece into a position where it can be captured. When you are making the decision to move a particular piece, prior to playing it make sure that your challenger’s responses to your move won’t result in any pieces being taken, or in a checkmate.

When you first start playing it’s easy to think that the pawns are not as important as the rest of the pieces and neglect them during play. However, every good player will tell you that every single piece in the game has an important role. At the beginning of a game try to ensure that each piece is moved from its original position before you really get into the action.

Regard your opponent’s moves carefully, why did they make that particular move? See if you can think ahead for them and get some idea as to what they’re planning. In this way you can then readjust your own game plan or try and block them in some way. Sticking to your plan is a mistake as it blinds you to their movements which will inevitably result in a checkmate.

Chess is a game that needs some studying, just like backgammon, if it’s going to be competitive and a lot of fun. Reading up on some basic endgames will help a lot. The endgame is the last part of a game, and in most cases there are less than six pieces remaining on the board. Focusing first on the endgame is useful as it shows you how to checkmate an opponent’s king with a king and queen. When there are only a few pieces it’s much easier to perceive how each move made influences your rival’s move, and how that then affects your subsequent move.

A folding chess board has hinges so it can be folded in half and the pieces remain safe and secure. This is a smart and convenient way to store them, and makes the whole set easily transportable. The squares on the outside of the box make an attractive feature and can be displayed on the shelf at home when not in use.

The difference between a strong player and a weak one is how they think the game through, someone who hasn’t thought out his move adequately will almost certainly lose the game.

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