Why Microsoft’s Xbox One More Preferred. What Are It’s Fan Theories

Microsoft is striving to be at the cutting edge of technology, and whilst there they frequently find themselves facing PlayStation as their main opponent in being foremost with innovation and incorporation of new tech. The Xbox One does seem to have a corner on the market when it comes to player interaction with the game, with the Nintendo Wii tracking the remote rather than the player and the PS4 using the Eye and PS Move, as Microsoft include the Kinect in their gaming bundle. But with great power comes great responsibility and with consumer privacy worries at an all time high Microsoft found themselves positively surrounded by a possible bunch of PR landmines.

Microsoft's Xbox One

We all remember when the details of the Xbox One began to emerge; it was to be user-friendly with a unique interface that meant, using the Kinect camera, that your body was the controller. Voice commands and recognition were also going to be added meaning that we wouldn’t have to recalibrate it every time we turned it on and we could stop flapping our arms up and down in a vain attempt to get the screen to move.

This brand new technology caused some doubts, especially when it was announced that the Kinect camera and microphone would always be on and always watching listening. Eating pizza in your underwear on your sofa? The camera is going to pick it up, but more on that later. Have you wondered what other crazy fan or conspiracy theories have popped up to surround the Xbox One? Here is your chance to find out.

Re-enacting 1984 in 2014

Depending upon where you are (well, not really as they’ve been shown to be infiltrating most countries…) America’s NSA seems to be watching. With the Kinect and its ever-present camera it seems like life may have just got a little easier for them as not only does the Kinect camera supposedly never turn off but Microsoft have filed patents for it meaning they can monitor how many people are in the room as a way of knowing how much to charge for theatrical releases. Is anyone else having flashbacks to Wilson having to do exercises in front of the always watching Big Brother? I know I am.

They’re All About The Money!

Fans of the Xbox went into a panic at the mention of CDs no longer being able to be traded amongst friends or taken over to your friend’s house to play. The original thought, that still somewhat holds true, is that you would be charged each time a new game is placed into your system. There was dissension in the ranks. No longer would you be able to get cut price second-hand games or trial a game from your friend to see if you wanted to buy it, you’d have to pay full price – which can get pretty steep when new games are involved.

Alienation of Different Nations

There was mild panic when the first few bits of information trickled through from Microsoft, especially in the armed forces. Though you may not realise it, many armed forces take their gaming consoles with them when they deploy, especially if the deployment is a longer than 6 months and isn’t in an active zone. Some bases require personnel to go out in groups for safety, others have limited entertainment readily available, so boredom is broken by gaming, alone or with friends. Microsoft found itself trying to pacify a lot of angry servicemen when they got told not only would they need a constant internet connection (something that can be quite hard to find whilst deployed) but that games may not work in different regions or nations. Effectively cutting off young men and women from playing with friends back home in an effort to stop perceived piracy and branding from spreading into countries where Microsoft doesn’t want it to go.

Three pretty serious theories brought up by fans of the Xbox who found their devotion beginning to waver with the possibilities of corporations charging exorbitant amounts of money, spying on you in your own home and cutting you off when you left their jurisdiction. Luckily Microsoft re-evaluated their approach and began to change or in some cases completely retract the announcements that caused these crazy theories to be dreamt up. Great news for the gamers who are able to go on playing their games safe in the knowledge they aren’t being spied on!

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