Online Gaming Over the Years

Online Gaming Over the Years

Early Days

Online gaming has been evolving at a rapid pace in the last few years. When the internet exploded in popularity back in the early ’90s, a few gaming companies started to look to the future of what gaming could become.

An early adopter of the internet was Never winter Nights which is an RPG game based on Dungeons and Dragons and it was the very first multiplayer RPG game that could be played online.  It was the very first game that took advantage of the internet’s capabilities and allowed players to compete with each other and test their skill against one another.

FPS games where next in line to adopt the internet in order to match players all over the world. Games like Doom and Quake gained massive popularity in their time for their faced paced shooting and competitiveness. Another genre that gained massive popularity where RTS games like Command and Conquer and Starcraft series.

The Present

video games-Online gaming

In modern times, the majority of video games have some sort of online feature and other single player games, despite being a controversial feature for good reasons, have an always-online requirement. The way people purchase video games has also changed with the internet. The download speed has increased tremendously over the years and has allowed for games to be acquired via the internet than by purchasing a physical copy of the game.

Online games, especially MMO’s had many benefits. Through raiding and questing, players were able to build strong friendships with each other and those who were able to lead a group of people, known as a guild, are able to develop leadership skills that could prove useful later in a real job.

The next chapter in gaming history started with the shift towards mobile. As time progressed, mobile hardware capabilities have been increasing at high speed and more games that were initially developed for PC and console could also be played on mobile.

Gaming on mobile has taken off very quickly because of a large number of people using smartphones and with each passing year, as hardware develops, more people are able to afford smartphones with more processing power.

The convenience of playing from anywhere at any time is what makes online gaming on mobile so appealing. No longer do you have to be tied to your PC or console in order to enjoy your favorite game.You can even play as you like when you travel or access content only available in certain markets, bypassing geograhical restrictions when gaming by changing your IP address.

Social Casino

Some popular online gaming trends on mobile are social casinos that offer games like Book of Ra Online, Sizzling Hot and Lucky Lady’s Charm. Social casinos have free-to-play games made for entertainment purposes only and no money or items can be won by playing these type of games. The most played type of game in any land based casino are slots and the same can be said for online versions of casinos. The difference between the two is that choosing to play virtually gives you access to wider variety of slots than playing in a real casino.

In the early ’90s, when the internet was still in its early stages, casino brands saw the potential of this new technology and started to adopt it very early on. This made it much more convenient for people who wanted to play casino games, but either because of time or distance, they were unable to visit a land-based casino.

The Future

VR Games- Online Gaming

Nobody knows for sure what the future may hold for online gaming but what we can say for certain is that virtual reality and augmented reality will play a big part in further developing online games and experiences.

VR and AR are still in their infancy but have recently started to find their place in people’s homes, especially VR. This new technology may be the next logical step in improving player interaction in the virtual space.


  • Altangerelaui2k

    Today is 2018year Online gaming is better than football and basketball etc.
    Some online gamers payment better than workers

  • shiva shankar

    yes,online gaming has increased tremendously which had a great revolution on gaming industries and this also increased competitive spirits in gaming.This development also increased employement in gaming indrustries.
    Great article!!!

  • sarahalaby

    Online games are very popular with game enthusiasts, because they give a lot of enthusiasm during play and it gives players the chance to get to know each other. These things are not found in normal computer games.

  • Karn Singh

    Game is part of our the game we learn lot thing and improve mind power.action, adventure,war and etc.we can play all type games.

  • azadhossan

    yes,online gaming has increased tremendously which had a great revolution on gaming industries and this also increased competitive spirits in gaming.This development also increased employement in gaming indrustries.
    Great article

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