Online multiplayer gaming in Windows 10 will be free with Xbox live

It looks like Microsoft is finally looking forward to bring the Xbox live platform for the Windows computer and mobile phones. In a meaningful way, it is Windows 10 that will be able to come up with the possibility of getting the online multiplayer gaming of this particular service. While, Microsoft is currently looking for the appropriate charges from Xbox One multiplayer platform from its users, the software giant it does not have any sort of plans in order to extend this particular facility to the Windows 10 personal computer or mobile phones.

Microsoft has confirmed the plans on Twitter, and has mentioned that it would be able to provide the service only on the facility of Windows 10 steps, there would be no charging of people making use of Xbox live, and neither will they will be any sort of problems in the online multiplayer gaming that happens. This can actually ensure that most of the game its from the personal computer will be able to play the game in their Microsoft enabled operating system. It also brings to assurance that there would be no possible charging on Xbox live service, and the users do not have to face the brunt of the charges.


Microsoft is facing stiff competition from the likes of origin, steam, as well as a lot of other services, and are making use of its open nature personal computer platform to provide the services. This is a prime advantage, and they’re actually looking forward to making the best out of the opportunity that they have got. Moreover, Microsoft is looking to learn from its mistakes, and they’re actually looking forward to a sure shot point in which subscription would not matter, for those making use of the Windows 10 operating system.

After all, the people that have actually been making use of this particular operating system find that there are a lot of features that can be hampering the gameplay, mainly game authentication and all the other sustainable features within the game. Microsoft is now bringing a new application for Xbox that will be able to feature the social networks, along with a lot of game clips and the ability to provide streaming facilities to the Windows 10 personal computer or a laptop.

This is definitely going to go down well with the people that have actually made use of the Microsoft operating platform, and ensures that they can actually enjoy such levels of gameplay. Moreover, Microsoft is looking to break the jinx that it has with the personal computer and the appropriate platforms of gameplay that it can actually support. Moreover, with a lot of people having a fantasy of playing Xbox in the personal computer, it is only time that will tell about the gameplay, as well as all the authenticating features that will happen within the game. After all, these are the basic games that you will be able to play and purchase.

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