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Online video games – Did you know that there are games that are only one level long? What would you expect these games to be like? Short? Easy? Well, that’s certainly not the case with Casus.

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Casus is an online game which, as the first sentence implies, is only one level long; one ongoing, increasingly difficult level.

Game Background Information

Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be that much background information on the game, or its creator. The creator is only known by their moniker, TimeBlog. Even their blog doesn’t contain much personal information about them.

The music for the game was created by Liam Berry.

Game Description

Casus is a game that involves a typical cliché storyline about a catastrophic prophesy foretelling the destruction of the world when a terrible monster appears. However, this game tells the story from the perspective of the monster itself. Other than that, there really isn’t any detail to the story.

Throughout the rest of the game, you follow a horizontal beam of light in the hopes that it will lead to a way out of the strange world. The light, which runs through the middle of the screen, splits the world into two: the part above the light, which you normally travel, and the part below the light, which sits upside down and consists of the path you aren’t currently using.

Game Play Information

As previously mentioned, the world of Casus is split down the center by a horizontal beam of light. The top, the path you normally travel, is right-side up, while the bottom is flipped upside down. These two paths are not mirrored reflections of each other; both can sometimes look radically different, and in fact, need to be so in order to complete certain platforming puzzles and advance through the game.

The main character has only three actions: jumping, punching, and flipping. Jumping and punching are pretty straight forward, but the flipping is the games signature mechanic. When you flip, the paths switch places with each other. This means that path originally on the bottom will be on the top, and vice versa. The player will usually remain on the top, and will now be travelling the path that was once on the bottom.

The flipping mechanic is also affected by the type of block you’re standing on when you flip. For example, regular blocks, like the green ones, completely switch while the character remains on top. Purple blocks will stay in one place, even when everything else is flipped. Flipping while standing on gray blocks will take the character to the bottom half of the screen instead of having them stay on top when flipping.

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Game Replay Value

Admittedly, there isn’t much replay value for this game, unless you enjoy it enough to play through it twice. There are no extra features; there’s simply the main game, and nothing else.

Also, as stated previously, the game is one long level, which steadily increases in difficulty. And it does get very difficult. According to Liam Berry, the person who produced the game’s music, it took him about an hour to complete the game.

Game Overview

Casus is a platforming game that consists of one level, with increasing difficulty as you play. The main mechanic in this game is the ability to flip, which switches the top and bottom paths with each other. There isn’t really anything to bring people back once the game is beaten, since the game only consists of the main story. However, it’s definitely worth a single play through if you enjoy challenging platforming games.

Saving Money of Video Games

In today’s economic situation, saving money has become more important than ever. The tactics used to save money change from person to person. Ideas have included making coffee at home rather than buying Starbucks or finding a new route to work. Video game players also want to save money while enjoying their hobby. In order to do so they can use a number of options to enjoy the latest games while not spending every extra dollar they have available.

Retail Stores

People may think that retail stores are not the place to buy video games because many of their prices reach $60 or above from some items. However, stores such as Gamestop have programs to help gamers save money while they shop. For example, used games are available as substitutes for buying brand new copies of specific titles. Players can also trade in their older titles for credit towards purchasing newer games. You can also receive cash for your trade-ins; however it’s at a 10 percent lower rate than the trade in value.

Retro Games Online Vendors

The Internet is another useful tool that can help video game players save money while shopping for their favorite retro games online. Websites like CheapGames and Half allow you to buy both used and new copies of video games. The prices for these used games are normally cheaper than the used prices you may find in local retail stores. The main downside to using this option is that you will have to wait for the game to arrive at your house. You may also be required to pay for shipping and handling charges.

Other Options

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If you’re a shopper who doesn’t enjoy buying items online but you don’t want to subject yourself to the higher prices found in retail stores, you can pursue other options to fulfill your video game needs. is an online vendor that lists a variety of items, including video games. You can search your local area for games that people are trying to sell and then travel to their location to make the purchase. Ensure that the game is in working order before you leave with it.

Local flea markets are good option for buying Old 90s games. Sometimes you may be able to find a rare old 90s games within their stock. You can also ask your friends if they have old copies of games they are trying to get sale. You can even present a trade for some of your current titles.

No one wants to cut out their favorite hobbies in an effort to save money during hard times. Instead, coming up with new ways to participate in your craft has lead to people looking for cheaper ways to buy video games. Buying used games, checking online vendors or using local options can all allow you to enjoy the latest video game releases without spending too much money.

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