Retro games online – Are RPG games with no downloads worth

Retro games online – Online RPG games with no downloads… what can gamers expect out of them? Most online games that are worth anything require additional software. World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons and Dragons Unlimited and Pirates of the Caribbean are just a few examples.

Retro games online – Are RPG games with no downloads worth

All of them offer phenomenal gameplay, but require a sizeable download. Online RPG games with no downloads do not need anything, as they work through a person’s browser. This is why some gamers might be skeptical of their value. However, in reality RPG browser games are like any other. Some are wonderful retro games online, others are lousy. Either way, you have nothing to lose by playing them. To get a better understanding of how these games work, check out the sections below.

Online RPG Games with No Downloads – The Requirements

According to Jarel Remick, author of “10 Fun and Free Browser-Based Games,” no download RPG games need: an up-to-date browser and a fast Internet connection. As his article continues, he explains that different types of plugins might also be needed. JAVA, Flash and Shockwave are the most common for such retro games online.

In fact, they are so common, most gamers already have them on their computers. The reason why is because of how the Internet works. With today’s Internet, almost any form of processing requires a plugin, whether you are watching videos or playing a game. Most networks will not let you use their services until these plugins are downloaded. However, once the plugins are installed, they never have to be downloaded again.

The Two Types of No-Download Retro Games Online

The interaction within a RPG browser game can be initiated through text or graphics. Text-based RPG browser games are usually strategy-oriented. Whether you are organizing armies, or fighting monsters, you initiate actions through textual commands. There are no cut-scenes, and no exploration. If graphics are provided, they are used as a backdrop within the game. In other words, they are only useful for decoration. They do not convey storylines in any form.

Retro games online

Graphical browser games are far more common. They play just like a console game. A character explores a vivid, colorful world that is either 2D or 3D in scope. During the character’s quest, players are treated to cutscenes and dialog. Also, if a game has MMORPG capabilities, players can communicate with others from within the game. So in that way, no-download RPG games are really no different from those requiring separate software.

Adventure Quest and Runescape – The Best RPG Browser Retro Games Online

While there are dozens of RPG browser games out there, two are the most talked about: Adventure Quest and Runescape.

1) Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest relies heavily on dialogue and plays like a turn-based Final Fantasy game. The graphics are rendered in 2D, with no layering. This means that all of the images are flat, similar to what you see in a visual novel. Despite all this, Adventure Quest is highly entertaining. While it may not appease hardcore RPG fans, its intense storylines and lively graphics should appeal to causal gamers.

2) Runescape

For the serious RPG fan, Runescape is definitely worth trying out. Its graphics are rendered in 2.5D, which gives its imagery more depth. In terms of gameplay, Runescape is similar to Baulder’s Gate. Gamers fight monsters through a series of icons.

For example, if you wanted to use a melee attack, you would select the sword icon and place it over the monster you wish to kill. You would then right-click and select “Attack” again to initiate the action. This process repeats itself with other attacks, whether you are casting spells or using long-ranged weapons.

Retro Games Online with No Downloads – How to Find More

Retro games online

Adventure Quest and Runescape are good titles to start with, but if you’re like most gamers you probably want more variety. Sadly, search engines are not always the best place to find online games with no downloads. Even the most extensive networks might list a title or two that requires extra software.

For this reason, you may want to consider checking out Facebook before Google. Most Facebook RPG games do not need downloads or registration. Simply select a game of interest and it will load automatically. Granted, most of the games will look and feel like Adventure Quest, but they are still a great choice for quick and easy entertainment.

To find no-download games like Runescape, you will need to do more research. Gaming blogs are a good start, since many of them offer reviews on various titles. In any case, use Google Images to research a game before actually visiting its website. The resulting listings will show screenshots of the title. If you want to play games like Runescape, look for imagery with 2.5D or 3D graphics with very little menu or text-based interaction.

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