> Retro gaming box PS2 game review - Rock Band

Retro gaming box PS2 game review – Rock Band

Retro gaming box PS2 – The Rock Band series once became very popular. It was one of the biggest rhythm gaming franchises during the past decade. What started out as a guitar-only game had become a full band experience across several platforms. Rock Band on the PlayStation 2 had most of the elements that made the game successful on other retro gaming box platforms too, but this version of the game was sorely lacking the World Tour mode found in other versions, thus making it a bit harder to recommend.

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Retro gaming box best – Rock Band Gameplay

One of the things that made Rock Band so compelling to play one the retro gaming box PS2 was its pick-up-and-play feel. While there was a learning curve for beginners, it was hard not to want to pick up an instrument and join some friends for some band simulation gaming. This was what Rock Band brought to the table, and this was in fact what made it not only an engaging rhythm game, but also a fun party game in the recent past.

In Rock Band, gamers choose an instrument and play through the game’s songs. Guitar and bass players will have to hit the fret button and push the guitar controller’s strum button as the color-coded notes scroll down the screen. Drummers will have to hit the appropriately-colored drum pad and step on the pedal when instructed to do so onscreen. And vocalists have to keep in tune and sing alone with the vocals—lyrics are provided—on the screen.

Performing well, hitting combos, and playing cohesively with bandmates will increase the Overdrive meter. Overdrive works just the way Star Power does in Guitar Hero. Fill up the meter, trigger Overdrive by tilting the guitar, making a loud noise on the mic, or hitting a certain drum section, and bonus points will be earned for every note hit.

Retro gaming box popular – Rock Band World Tour Mode

While the gameplay in Rock Band on the PS2 was not of much different from that of its high-def counterparts, the game’s World Tour mode was vastly different, and it was very stripped down version of the other games’ World Tour mode. On the PS3 and 360, gamers played through this mode alongside their friends in what felt like a true rock band simulation mode. Gamers traveled around the world and gained fans as they progressed.

PS2 game review - Rock Band

On the PS2, all gamers get is a setlist to play through. This is one of the PS2 version’s biggest letdowns, and it feels no different than the game’s Exhibition mode. There’s no story like on the World Tour mode found on the PS3 and 360, and this lack of narrative fails to give the game the authentic rockstar feel that was prominent in those versions.

Graphics and Sound

Rock Band on the PS2 looks pretty good overall. In-game musicians and venues all look smooth and feature a good artistic design, and gamers are bound to get an authentic rock ‘n’ roll vibe just from looking at the game in action. Since gamers can’t create their own musicians, however, they’re bound to see the same bands performing over and over, so some additional variety would have been nice to see in the character design.

Rock Band’s setlist is strong and spans across various genres. Included in the game are master recordings by bands such as Radiohead, R.E.M., Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Strokes, The Killers, Black Sabbath, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Clash, Blue Oyster Cult, and countless others. The songs all sound great, and there’s bound to be something for everyone in Rock Band’s music selection.

Lasting Value

Rock Band on the PS2 may not feature the lengthy World Tour mode that other versions of the game have, but it still makes for a long-lasting experience. Gamers will undoubtedly have a good time playing alongside their friends, emulating a real band experience, and challenging the game’s tougher difficulties. Despite the lack of a proper World Tour mode and no DLC, Rock Band on the PS2 is worth the price of admission.

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Rock Band for PS2 – Not Perfect but Still Great

Rock Band on the PS2 is easily the hardest version of the game to recommend. With that said, it’s still a lot of fun, and gamers with access to a PS2 and nothing else should definitely check this game out of they enjoy rhythm and party games. Ultimately, Rock Band features a fun setup that expands on what the once guitar-exclusive Guitar Hero franchise offered gamers, and it’s all the better for it.

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