Retro mini games: Breeding Animals in Zoo World

Old 90s games – One of the most important aspects of Zoo World in the retro mini games series is the ability to breed a portion of the animals, about 20%. Like with buying the animals, breeding them progressively gets more and more expensive. The cheapest one is $2,450 and takes only 4 hours, while one of the most expensive costs a whopping $320,000 and takes 120 hours. The following assistance assumes players have not purchased any Wildlife points and/or have no intention of doing so.

Retro mini games: Breeding Animals in Zoo World

The Different Levels of Breeding

There are four ranges of breeding in this one of the popular retro mini games: easy, medium, hard and expert. The harder it is to breed, the more Wildlife points are earned for completing a level. Yes, the all-important Wildlife points (WL) can be earned through breeding. Considering there are only 42 game levels, breeding will eventually be the only way to earn them in this one of the best old games from the 90s.

Wildlife Points Should be Saved, Not Spent

Players should be careful about saving their WL while playing such retro mini games. Don’t be tempted to buy the first ultra rare animal once 25 are earned. They aren’t easy to earn, so the best bit of advice that can be given is to save them until 100 are earned and then buy the tree where 1 WL is earned each day by shaking.

Breeding is a big achievement for advancing in eight levels of this old 90s games. Not including breeding a bald eagle, the first is breed 4 medium animals at Level 20 and then breed 6 medium animals at Level 25. To make this easier and faster to attain, it is recommended to only breed medium animals as often as possible. Three different animals can be done at a time (unless WL are wasted on a breeding specialist or ZooMates help – see final paragraph), so player should make sure that three species are always breeding.

The Same Animal Can be Bred More Than Once for an Achievement

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An important thing to note in this one of the most played retro mini games is that most players will never own 6 medium difficulty-breeding animals, and that isn’t necessary. When breeding 4 or 6 medium animals, they can be the same species of animal. So if a player owns the Great Horned Owl and Scottish Highland Sheep, and the next level requires him/her to breed 4 medium animals, those two animals can be bred a total of 4 times to complete the achievement.

Since different amounts of WL are earned for each animal in this old 90s games, it is in the player’s best interests to pay attention to those amounts. Of the two animals already mentioned, the owl only takes 24 hours to breed, but it has to be bred 3 times to complete the Bronze Mastery to earn 1 WL. On the other hand, the sheep takes 120 hours to breed and only needs to be bred twice to earn 3 WL at the same Mastery. Player must decide for him/herself which option is best going by how long it takes to earn the most points.

In this one of the most played old games from the 90s it takes 10 days to complete the Bronze Mastery and earn 3 WL with the sheep, and it takes only 3 days to complete the same mastery level to earn 1 WL with the owl. It takes less time to reach the next level, so less WL are earned. Since breeding is an achievement as well, faster might be considered better. Mouse over each of the species to reveal how long it takes to breed and how many WL are earned for the current Mastery level. That and how much it costs to breed should all be taken into consideration.

Bronze, Silver and Gold Mastery

There are three Mastery levels of breeding in this retro mini game: Bronze, Silver and Gold. As each level is completed, the amount of WL earned for the next level increases. For example, the owl earns 1 WL at Bronze and 3 WL at Silver. One can only assume at this point that it will increase to 5 WL at Gold. So as soon as the final expert animal has been bred for that achievement at level 37, each player should stick with one species while breeding to complete all three levels before moving on to the next species.

Old 90s games

Once 6 medium difficulty animals have been bred, player needs to move on to the hard difficulty animals. Those will be in future achievements and then expert difficulty. It is best to ignore the easy breeding animals until all the other difficulty levels have been bred. The bald eagle is the only easy animal that is required to be bred for an achievement level.

What Must be Bred to Advance?

To make it easier for everyone to know what they should breed to make all the necessary achievements in this one of the famous retro mini games, here is the list:

Breed a bald eagle
Breed a total of 6 medium animals
Breed a total of 4 hard animals
Breed a total of 15 expert animals
Breed two each of the remaining animals to end up with a total of 4 animals per species
Then breed the remaining animals one species at a time to complete all three Mastery levels

ZooMate Nests Newly Added

A new addition to the old 90s games is ZooMates. These are friends playing the game that players can request to help with breeding. Once four have been acquired, another breeding nest becomes available. This added feature makes breeding all that much quicker to get those valuable WL.

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