Why Romancing SaGa 2 Is Lovable But Not Worth Buying At Original Price

Romancing SaGa, and in fact the SaGa series in general, has a good history in the RPG segment. The game was first launched as The Final Fantasy Legend in 1989 and since then couple of SaGa games have been seen being localized too.

As the SaGa series is known for unconventional gameplay elements, the same is expected from the just released title, Romancing SaGa 2. In the Romancing SaGa players freely explored cities amid the storyline that tied through generations among generations in terms of characters.

The new game takes place in the world of Avalon, which was earlier a peaceful kingdom, but now overrun by demons and monsters. Everything is on the mode of destruction.

Players initially need to choose the name of the characters and thereafter, about first hour of the gameplay, will be placed in the role of ruler King Leon, to guide through the mechanisms of the game so as to play further with little to no explanation.

However, it is advised to players not to feel rushed or fail amid so much of health and power in the game. Become well acquainted with the menu, mechanics as well as layout before you switch over the characters and start with the real game, and of course with the real challenge.

The game is easy to play and players can easily pick up the rules and understand the interface. However, new players from other genre need to keep in mind that the text in it is not so inspiring and even the layout may sometimes shy you. The rest is okay.

Laveling in the game is more like growing and it is tough to know how powerful is a character as there is no number system to signify. You can find just the basic statistics like defense, attack and other related.

The odd thing of Romancing SaGa 2 is getting used to it. You will get used to play without the numbers or other required measuring systems. You will make many encounters which could otherwise have been tough. You could have felt irksome earlier. In fact, believe me, you can achieve anything or else your party can become better.

Apart from all these, the Romancing SaGa 2 undoubtedly boasts a beautiful world filled with wonderful sprites and people. The colors are great, very vibrant, and the environment is truly shining. It is simply like never before with whole fresh breath and new makeover.

Finally the verdict says it is far from a bad game and could have been better if taken care of something more. Square Enix could have used advanced mechanics and better than this user interface. As of now it is tough to recommend at its full price.

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