The Best Wolf Themed Online Games

The Best Wolf Themed Online Games

What is it about wolves that makes them such a popular topic in fiction? They’re animals just like many others in our world, but they seem to crop up again and again when other creatures don’t. You’ve likely never seen a goat or an ostrich in your favourite fantasy tale, and they certainly don’t make horror movies about them, but wolves appear all the time.

We don’t just mean were wolves either. Although they’re a film staple (and ‘An American Werewolf In New London’ is an absolute classic), regular wolves get more than their fair share of action, too. Look at ‘Game of Thrones’ and you’ll find Jon Snow’s faithful dire-wolf ‘Ghost’, never far from his master’s call. In ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe’ you find Maugrim policing the dark side of Narnia. When we do throw the doors open and let the werewolves in, they’re everywhere from Lupin in the ‘Harry Potter’ series to Oz in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. Something about wolves just interests and terrifies us at the same time.

Maybe it’s just because they’re so much like dogs, but so very different at the same time. Dogs are man’s best friend. Wolves are anything but. They’re like the other side of the coin to our favourite pets, and so they hold a dark fascination for us. That fascination extends to the world of online slots, where they appear in a number of titles, such as the fantastic ones we’ve outlined for you here!

Wolf Run

Of course, despite everything we said above, we don’t always have to be afraid of wolves. Wolves can be quite beautiful and noble creatures to look at, and they were almost treated as Godlike creatures by the Native Americans. That’s the perspective that the game ‘Wolf Run’ takes; it celebrates the wolf as an animal, rather than using it as a symbol to scare us witless.

The game strives for an authentic, rustic feel. The playing area is framed with timber, there are mountains in the background, and the wolf symbols are mixed in with dream catchers and other elements of the mysticism that surrounds Native American culture. There’s some lovely audio touches too; winning combinations are saluted by a chorus of howling wolves. Stacked wilds offer plenty of opportunities to win, on top of forty paylines that come as standard. The game is almost soothing to play, and if you come away from it with a boosted bank balance you might even feel like you’ve had a spiritual experience!

Wolf Rising

At first glance, you might look at ‘Wolf Rising’ and think you’re just seeing ‘Wolf Run’ again. Then you look a little closer and wonder if you’re counting the rows wrong. The two games might have an awful lot in common in terms of how they depict wolves, and their incorporation of Native American symbols, but ‘Wolf Rising’ offers quite a unique twist on standard online slot formats.

The game has five reels, as many do, but an amazing eight rows. That means two things for you as a player. One, it means that there are one hundred paylines available. Two, it means you can now create some pretty impressive stacks, using totem pole symbols. If you’re able to do that, the game opens up with a number of free spins and bonus rounds. There may not be many features available compared to the games you’re used to, but just as an alternative to the standard three by five reel and row arrangements it stands out. Plus, much like ‘Wolf Run’, it’s a pretty thing to look at if you’re a fan of wolves.

Wolf Gold

Wolf Gold Slot

Now we’re heading out towards the realms of fantasy. You may wonder what ‘Wolf Gold’ is, but that’s not the point. The wolf in this game is actually out to help you strike gold, out in the middle of the desert, with some innovative bonus features and creative features. The wolf actually serves as the wild in the Wolf Gold Slot; he leaves appearances as standard symbols to lesser creatures like eagles, buffalo and horses.

The ‘free spins’ feature on ‘Wolf Gold’ is a little more impactful and generous than you’ll see on many other titles; it awards you five to begin with when its activated, but also links three of the five reels together to give you one huge symbol and vastly enhanced chances of winning. It can also, in theory, generate an infinite number of free spins so long as the scatters keep appearing. Find some full moon symbols and instead of your wolf guide becoming a werewolf, the money starts mounting up. The more you have in view, the higher the prize becomes relative to your stake. Fill the playing area with them and the mega jackpot is yours. Then it will be you howling at the full moon instead of the wolves!

Wild Wolf

It’s when the sun goes down, and the waxing of a full moon approaches, that we begin to fear wolves. What may look beautiful in the daylight is quite another prospect at night. This game, which is an online port of a highly popular physical slot machine title, definitely captures the feel of the night wolf; even the wild symbol depicts a wolf howling with the full moon looming large behind it.

If you can ignore the slight sense of foreboding that the game gives you, there are quite a few ways to score a win from it. There are fifty separate paylines to chase after, along with a stacked wilds bonus round and a generous offering of free spins. In a neat feature, the bonus features are available whether you’re playing with one active payline or all fifty, so you don’t get cut out of the game’s better offerings purely because you’re on a budget. While this game may be a little less attractive to look at than the others we’ve mentioned, it brings a feeling of authenticity that comes from the fact that it already exists as a physical slot machine, and there are definite opportunities to score strong payouts if you can make the bonuses work in your favour.


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