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The Very Best LOL Tips You Will Ever Get

When you first start playing League Of Legends, you think that everything is simple. As time passes, things become so much more complicated than initially anticipated. LOL is simply not about picking a champion or knowing how to play really well. It is much more than that. You cannot simply go to a virtual goods marketplace, get a really good account, some coaching and be successful. If you want to be really good, here are some tips to quickly improve your game.

Wards The Very Best LOL Tips You Will Ever Get

Buy Wards

There is a reason why all professionals talk about the importance of vision and there are huge fights that happen because of one control ward. In League Of Legends, wards help you to succeed. They have to be placed at the best possible locations and you should invest money to protect yourself from ganks. When you see people coming, it is easy to stay away from them and get an advantage.

Master 2 Champions The Very Best LOL Tips You Will Ever Get

Master 2 Champions

If you want to climb ELO, the best thing that you can do is to master a couple of champions. You do not need to play what the professionals play. This is especially the truth when thinking about low ELO. When you know how to play 2 champions, you protect yourself from a ban and you are really good at the game. As you play many champions, it is impossible to master them. If you master just 2, it is so much easier to climb because you get used to matchups and you learn what to do to be successful.

Tilted The Very Best LOL Tips You Will Ever Get

Be Extremely Careful When You Are Tilted

Tilt is a huge part of losing ELO. It is really hard to play well when you are affected by losses. No matter what you might think, tilt is always possible. It is possible for every single player, including the professionals. In the event that you are affected by tilt, the very best thing that you can do is to stop playing.

Remember that every single game you lose is an opportunity to learn. Watch replays and review games in order to see what you could have done better. Do this after you recover from tilt though as you will not be objective right after losing many games in a row.

Be Friendly In The Game

This does not actually mean that you need to offer unlimited compliments. What it means is that you have to create a good atmosphere for those that play with you. If you just create arguments, everything goes downhill. Remember that people respond to your attacks. Never start trolling and be sure that you make good comments without denigrating others. This is always the best way to use the chat. If there is nothing good to say, it is better not to say it!

Focus On Objectives The Very Best LOL Tips You Will Ever Get

Focus On Objectives

Last but not least, League Of Legends is not about kills. So many games are lost because of the fact that players try to chase kills. You win the game because of the fact that you kill the nexus, not because you keep killing your lane opponent while the rest of the team gets slaughtered. You do not have to carry or do crazy mechanical moves. What you have to do is get objectives.

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