> Here Are Tips If You Are New To Steam Gaming

Here Are Tips If You Are New To Steam Gaming

Are you new to PC gaming? Do you fear playing games on your PC? Here we will guide you with some tips and tricks to help you enjoy playing to the fullest on the Steam gaming service.

steam gaming

Steam is a good answer to PC gamers from the stable of Valve. It is equipped with centralized location from where you can buy games, play the games and also from the same platform you can communicate with friends. You don’t need any other software to do all these.

Below are some of the basics guide and tips:

The beginning

The first thing to do is to install Steam and then to create your account to gain access to their services as well as to purchase games before playing. You can head directly to their official website and click on ‘Install Steam’ button. Now run download installer file and thereafter run steam. Click on ‘Create Account’ and then submit your necessary, required details. Don’t forget to accept their terms and conditions at the end.

You will see a greeting message after everything is set up properly. Take a look on the default location, which is of the store page, and get yourself familiar first.

You will see four tabs on the top and these leads to app Store, Library, Community and Profile.

In the Library section you can see all the purchased and activated games while the Community button takes you to the page from where you can access groups and find new friends. There are more to just these two. Check yourself.

It is recommended to once visit the profile page and edit your information. You can also link your Steam account to your Facebook account. You need to submit information of valid form of payment there too like debit card, credit card or PayPal.

Activate offline mode

It is suggested to activate offline mode if you are sometime without internet connection or else also know ahead of time about the ISP maintenance. Go to Settings and uncheck ‘Don’t save account credentials on this computer.’ Now hit ‘Go Offline’ from main menu.

Playing with friends

You can see you friends playing games and it is easy to get together and play with them.


You get lot of deals and discounts on games here. Just keep an eye and regularly check the promotions of games. You will save good money.

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