Top 5 Games To Play On Android Platform In 2015

The 2015 has just started and there will be dozens of games coming across as we walk on. However, below are the compilation of top 5 games that you would surely like to play. Have a look.

Asphalt Overdrive

Top 5 Games To Play On Android Platform In 2015

Asphalt Overdrive is one of the modern adaptations of the 80s and comes from the stable of Gameloft. It is an awesome racing game equipped with imported cars such as Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Countach. It comes free to download through Google Play. However, for more cars you need to pay and the purchase is done in-game.

Hellraid: The Escape

Hellraid: The Escape is one of the best games on Android with countless challenges to escape evil place. You need to defeat demons in it under difficult puzzles. It does not come free. It will cost you $2.99 in Google Play. However, it is good that the game does not features any in-app purchases or even play-to-win elements.

Oscura: Second Shadow

Oscura: Second Shadow is sequel to the original Oscura. Overcoming the darkness is what the game offer apart from several evil-looking baddies. It too is not free like the Hellraid: The Escape. It will cost you $3.51 in Google Play.

Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is again one of the most popular games on Android. In it you can find hooves of crazy goats tries to destroy the world. Those who loves animal will surely enjoy it. You will play for an adorable goat. The game is priced tagged $4.99 and developer promises hours of playing.


You will play as a little helicopter robot in Unmechanical to solve puzzles which are made from different machinery. It is a well-designed game equipped with cool music. Kids will surely enjoy playing it. It comes for $2.99 in Google Play.

Your choice may differ with mine. Your list may be different. So, do share your own list of top 5 games that you would like to play on your Android mobile phone, tablet and smart TV with us and fellow readers in the below given comment box.

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