Ways to make gil on Final Fantasy XI

Many people starting out in Final Fantasy XI find themselves in wondering how they can obtain gil, the currency of the game, so they can get better equipment. Some are even tempted to buy gil from online sellers. This could lead to being permanently banned from the game. So how can a person just starting out make some gil on Final Fantasy XI?

Ways to make gil on Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy Quests

The first way to earn gil is to complete quests. Regardless of what nation you start in, there are several quests available for you to complete. Some will require you to run around the town. Others will require you to go outside to collect items. The rewards from the quests range from various amounts of gil to equipment you can use or sell.

Using Farming in Final Fantasy to Earn Gil

Farming is defeating monsters over and over in order to obtain items that can be sold or turned in for quests. This can go hand in hand with quests, but it is not a requirement. While this may seem tedious, it is one of the best ways for someone completely new to earn gil. Monsters right outside the starting town are easy to defeat though for the first few levels you may need to rest often, but you’ll soon find yourself with your bag full of items to trade in or sell.

Fields of Valor

One of the ways you can earn gil and experience quickly is fields of valor. This is a book located outside the town that challenges you to defeat a certain number of monsters. When you have met the requirements, you are rewarded with a bonus of experience as well a gil. This done with farming can see you gaining gil quicker than you thought possible.

Fishing in Final Fantasy

This will require you to spend some gil first in order to get started, but it could help you make more in the long run. You may want to wait to start this until you have a little of a savings going. You’ll need to purchase a rod and bait.Each town has areas where you can fish. All is required is to cast your line and hopefully reel in a fish. Keep it up until you’re out of bait and then sell what you caught.

Final Fantasy XI

These are just a few ways for you to earn money on Final Fantasy XI. Using these methods will get you started to gaining the gil you need to buy the equipment needed. As you gain levels, you will need to adjust the area where you perform the tasks above and even add additional ways to your list. Regardless, you’ll find that earning gil on Final Fantasy XI is a neverending quest. Make sure that you have fun while doing it.

A Look Back at the Historic Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy was one of the best selling franchises in the video game industry. Hironobu Sakaguchi, working for Squaresoft (Square-Enix now) was the mastermind behind it and the first Final Fantasy for the NES was released in 1987.

Where is it now?

Since then, about a dozen other games were created. It’s deceiving in how the franchise works. They only share common elements, such as certain names and places.

Due to Final Fantasy’s critical acclaim in the West, some of the earlier games in the series have been released again, either as a simple port or with a brand new makeover. The first two games have been re-released on the PSP and the Game Boy Advance, and the third and fourth games have been completely remade for the Nintendo DS (Final Fantasy III had never been released outside Japan before).

Several from the series have been more received than others, pushing Square-Enix to create sequels or prequels for them. The four notable ones are the seventh, tenth, twelfth and thirteenth entries:

final fantasy

Final Fantasy VII was expanded into several more games through the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. This includes 4 extra games, an anime and a feature-length movie.

Final Fantasy X-2 was a direct sequel, with the surviving heroes searching for Tidus, the main protagonist from the first game.

Final Fantasy XII was also continued with Revenant Wings for the DS, which moved away from the general RPG system to a strategy game.

The unreleased Final Fantasy XIII has three separate games coming out as a part of the Fabula Nova Crystallis series. All of them are in the same universe, but they are not associated with each other. The main game is an RPG style game, while Final Fantasy Agito XIII is an online mobile game, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII is more action based – very similar to another Square-Enix franchise Kingdom Hearts.

Along with these are numerous spin-offs which are not connected to the main twelve at all. These include the Tactic and Chocobo games, but perhaps the more recognised spin-offs are the Crystal Chronicles games for Nintendo, with games for the Gamecube and the DS, and a third game being produced for the Wii.

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