What need to know before buying Clash of Clans accounts online

If you are a gamer and love playing strategy games, Clash of Clans would be a common name for you, but for others who are still guessing what is CoC, here’s a brief of it.

What need to know before buying Clash of Clans accounts online

Clash of Clans (CoC) is a strategy video game developed by Finland-based Supercell game developer for mobile and tablet devices. It comes for free on both the operating systems – Android and iOS.

Players being chief of a village in the game are tasked to build a customized town using available resources and amid several fighting features in a fantasy-themed persistent world.

There are many levels and players need to improve it by earning gold, elixir and dark elixir. All these can be possessed by attacking a series of fortified villages, building gold mines, gold storages, elixir collectors and elixir storages as well. During the building up of town players can carry out laboratory research to upgrade troops, train new troops and upgrade certain buildings used in attacking base of other players.

Some players take help by buying CoC accounts. There are many sellers and just a simple Google search will reveal couple of reliable websites like from where a wide range of different CoC accounts can be purchased. These are safe and it has been noticed players even buy CoC accounts to upgrade their own game account.

How to know if the COC seller is trustable? Some important factors to help review the seller website

Clash of Clans accounts

A simple Google search will lead to many CoC sellers and all probably claims to be the best and most trustable as well. Here we will discuss how to find one of the best and authentic sellers. It is advised to follow below mentioned basic suggestions:

How informative is the website

It is suggested to read the content of a website a bit in details. The content quality itself reveals authenticity of the seller. A good seller will always maintain decent text with least mistakes and meaningful information without just boasting the services.

Visual quality factors – images, logo, more

Logo always has a recall value in terms of advertising and marketing. This is the reason all the sincere companies invest good money and time creating their respective logos. Sellers who are not authentic will least take care of it. Instead, may upload a poor quality or duplicate logo. Same with images, which need to be impressive, high resolution, decent and to carry a meaning with it. A seller who is not authentic may not take care of it.

Has a website existed an HTTPS certificate

It is mandatory for websites to have an HTTPS certificate. The domain URL should be secured to gain trust of visitors. It is suggested to avoid buying CoC accounts from such websites that is hosted as HTTP.

Return policy and additional guarantees

Clash of Clans accounts

Most of the online sellers have a decent return policy to ensure money will not be wasted if the buyer is not satisfied with the product or service. If a seller does not guarantee to pay back the money if the CoC account is not satisfactory, it is suggested not to buy from it. Similarly, if a website comes with couple of other guarantees, it reveals being a genuine seller.

How available is customer support? Does LIVE chat exist?

This is one of the important factors to consider while buying CoC accounts from an online seller. It is suggested to always opt for such website that has a good customer support. A LIVE chat feature is considered to be the best. Probably, buy from a seller that has a 24×7 LIVE chat support feature. Talk to the available executive to check whether the chat window is really working and the person at the end is able to answer your queries soothingly.

Do customer reviews from neutral services like Trustpilot exists?

This is the era of social networking and amid such people even hit movie theaters after reading review of a just-released movie on social platforms. Similarly, there are dedicated websites where one can read natural reviews of various services offered by online sellers in any segment across the world. One to name here is Trustpilot. Read reviews of the seller here before buying a CoC account.

Google search helps in finding negative review about the seller

Last but not the least, Google always tries to help website visitors to remain away from frauds. A simple Google search about the seller will reveal whether there is any negative review about it. If yes, avoid the seller.

The above suggestions offer just a basic idea about how to choose the best CoC account seller. There may be others ways or added considerations too. Follow those, if any, and make payment only after being completely satisfied that the seller is offering a genuine and satisfactory service against pre-defined price.

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