Why Should You Play Zelda Online

There are many networks through which one can play Zelda online. No money is required, and gamers are free to play as much as they want. Yet, how does this compare to playing Zelda on a console? Many who are new to Internet gaming may wonder if they can receive the same type of experience playing Zelda online.

Others worry about their computer space. They do not want to fill up their hard drive with hidden downloads, especially if they feel the games aren’t worth playing. Well, for both parties, there are the sections below. They will explain what gamers can expect if they decide to play Zelda online.

Only One Plug-In is Needed to Play Zelda Online

Most online Zelda computer games work off of Flash technology. To initiate this program, one must have access to a plug-in. This will allow the software to run in the browser. JAVA and Shockwave are the most common plug-ins, though some networks may use proprietary software. Either way, the download is very small and only needs to be done once. After it is installed, it will work with any Zelda game sharing that program.

For example, if someone installs JAVA, (the most common plug-in), they can play Zelda on any network using that same software. There are no fees for this download and the software itself is no bigger than a Word document.

The Legend of Zelda Fan Games

The majority of Zelda computer games are created by fans. However, this does not mean that these games aren’t worthy. While some Zelda computer games are poorly designed, there are others that offer a superior gaming experience. Three of the best include: The Seeds of Darkness, The Lampshade of No Real Significance and The Curse of Waterdeep.

1) The Legend of Zelda: The Seeds of Darkness

For those who want to play Zelda online, The Seeds of Darkness is the first title they should consider. In this game, Link must destroy three evil seeds to restore the Hyrulian forest. To do this, he must travel through the forest killing monsters with his sword or a special bomb he is given at the beginning of the game. He can also use his shield to protect against attacks.

In terms of game play, The Seeds of Darkness is reminiscent of Zelda: The Minish Cap, (a title released for the Gameboy Advance). The graphics and gaming style are exactly the same. The only difference is the bomb Link is required to carry around. When it turns red, he needs to distance himself away so he doesn’t get hurt in the explosion. In Zelda: The Minish Cap, bombs were an optional weapon.

2) Zelda and the Lampshade of No Real Significance

Of all the Zelda computer games that are available online, this title is the most hilarious. Link travels through “Hyscule” collecting objects that will help him in his quest. These objects must be exchanged with various townspeople to get through different areas of the game. So, in that aspect, The Lampshade of No Real Significance is a point-and-click adventure game.

As far as the game’s universe, it is designed in a satirical way. Most of the objects and landmarks in the game are spoofs of modern-day culture. However, even in the midst of all this, Link still maintains his medieval persona.

3) The Curse of Waterdeep

The Curse of Waterdeep is a series of Zelda computer games. It encompasses the following titles:

• Fellowship of Kings

• The Curse of Mardoks Reign

Both games use turn-based role-playing to destroy monsters. When Link runs into a monster, a battle scene is initiated. During this scene, players must click on a monster to get Link to attack. The computer will then attack the monster automatically.

To be successful with either of these games, players must know which weapons to use and when they should defend themselves with a shield. If they fail in their quest, they can load the game from a save point.

NES Emulation – Another Way to Play Zelda Online

Many gamers want to play the original Zelda online. According to Jonny Hechema, author of “Retro Nerdcore: Top Five NES Games,” the reason why is because the game was so revolutionary. It was one of the first games that allowed players to explore an entire world. Gamers were free to visit any area they wanted, even if they weren’t leveled up. This, combined with the game’s music and storyline, makes the original Zelda one of the most sought after games online.

Fortunately, there are many networks that will allow gamers to play the original Zelda online. Thanks to NES emulation and Flash, the original Zelda can be played right through a person’s browser. However, know that not all sites offer the best emulation. Some do not provide sound, while others are very slow. There are also those that have questionable content.

Nintendo8 and Virtual NES avoid these problems, as they offer the best emulation of the original Zelda. They also claim that they have obtained permission or acquired other legal rights to distribute the game.

Final Verdict – Every Fan Should Play Zelda Online

Gamers should expect a different type of experience when they play Zelda online. This is not a bad thing. With Zelda computer games, players encounter more variety. Ultimately, they get a chance to try out titles where creativity and innovation define the game play.

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