10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New GPS

10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New GPS

If you are madly in love with your little munchkins, you need to know that they might get stolen or lost. Because puppies are small, it is tough to find them when they aren’t around. Thanks to the massive advancement in technology, not only humans but pets can be tracked as well. When the idea of GPS microchip was introduced back in the early 2000s, it became a rage across the globe. Today, if you visit any pet store, you will be navigated towards a person who fits the GPS chips in the dog’s neck. Not to forget, this process is a little painful, so you will have to prepare your little bundle of joy for it. Here, in this feature, we will guide you through a few valuable tips to adjust your puppy with the new GPS. Make sure to read till the end:

Protective Environment 10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New GPS


1. Provide a Clean and Protective Environment

The first and the most obvious thing to do is to choose a protective environment for your puppy. Keep in mind, the GPS tracker in your dog’s belt or their neck works with technology so it can react with anything around. Because it is hard for puppies to get used to it in the beginning, it is your responsibility to make sure; you provide them with a safe environment where they aren’t exposed to open switchboards or anything like that. Secondly, the place should be clean without any dist. This way, your puppies won’t develop any breathing difficulties.

2. Train Your Puppies About Staying Away from Tech-Friendly Stuff

Once you’re done with providing a clean and safe environment to your pets, the next step is to train them about keeping away from the tech-friendly stuff in the house. For example, if you have a cat tracker in the house, you need to train your puppies about running away from it as soon as they see it. Not to forget, two trackers can collide with each other. So you need to be mindful enough when bringing your puppy in the house with a new GPS.

3. Feed Quality Diet to Your Dogs

Dogs usually run away when they don’t get the kind of food that they want. Now that you want your puppies to learn about the new GPS, you need to understand that it will take the time to make changes in their routine. Now is the right time for you to settle a quality diet plan for your dogs. This way, they won’t feel the need to run away from the house. Giving quality food to the dogs is paramount for their health.

Teach Your Pets to Exercise 10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New GPS

4. Teach Your Pets to Exercise

If your dog is having a difficult time adjusting to the new GPS, the best way for diverting their attention is to make them exercise. Buy them a couple of cute toys and exercising stuff. Train them about exercising and enjoying time. There are plenty of pet toys in the market such as balls, chew toys, puzzles, stuffed animals, ropes and a lot more. So the moment you engage your munchkins with their new stuff, they will feel loved and will forget about the GPS chip.A dog GPS can be difficult to scan at times, so your pet needs to be calm. So make sure, you engage them in playful activities when scanning for the chip.

5. Take Your Puppy to a Veterinarian

Not to forget, your veterinarian will provide you with the right details about taking care of your pet with a GPS. Secondly, if your dog is experiencing pain with the new GPS tracker, it is essential that you take them to the doctor on time. Don’t forget to take a copy of the previous records of your dog’s check-ups. Secondly, if your pet has suffered an injury in the last few weeks, it is essential for you to mention that to the veterinarian. This way, they will easily be able to guide you to the best possible solution for the pain.

6. Develop a Relationship With Your Dog

If you haven’t developed a relationship with your puppy, it will be difficult for you to make changes to their routine. Dogs are loved by millions of people across the globe because they develop communication with their owners easily. Last year when a video of a dog helping a patient with a panic attack went viral, many people decided to adopt them. Communicate with your pet, show love and make them understand little things in the house.

Gromming to a dog 10 Essential Tips to Make your Puppy Get Used to its New GPS

7. Don’t Overlook Their Grooming

As much as you think about yourself, you need to think for your puppies too.  After getting injected with a GPS tracker, a veterinarian might recommend you to keep away from grooming the dogs for some time. However, the truth be told, you shouldn’t wait for more than three days. Dogs need to be groomed, otherwise, you will be responsible for the damage. They grow nails and hair fast, so you need to be particular about their hygiene.

8. Train Your Dog About Behaving When a GPS Scanning is Done

Another simple way to make the dogs get used to the GPS is to tell them about behaving when they’re scanned. Most animals begin to panic when a GPS scan is conducted. So before you prepare to scan their GPS chips yourself, make them comfortable, play with them and train them about staying firm during the process. This way, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to know the whereabouts of the chip.

9. Be Mindful Enough When Giving Them a Bath

There have been cases when dogs have died as a result of the microchip reacting in the blood. This can be caused by a number of factors such as careless GPS scanning, over-pouring of water on the neck where the insertion was made etc. So while you’re giving bath to your puppy, beware of the part where the GPS chip was inserted. This way, your dog will also be careful about that part and stop anything from touching it. Dogs are intelligent animals so that you can rely on them.

10. Don’t Forget the Dog Leash When Going out of The House

Now that your dog has a GPS chip in their body, you can still not overlook the importance of a dog leash. Many dog owners settle for the dog leash because it can easily be scanned anytime. If you love your pet, make sure that the dog leash is soft and comfortable on their neck. Teach your dog not to wrestle with the leash if you ever want to check it out. Secondly, don’t forget to take off the leash whenever your dog is playing out in the open. This way, your dog will get used to it and tell you if they ever lose it.

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