4 Things to Consider Before Taking on a Job in Oil and Gas

4 Things to Consider Before Taking on a Job in Oil and Gas

The oil and gas industry is not dead or dying: oil and gas are used for things beyond energy. Renewable sources are definitely the future of the energy industry, but oil and gas are used in other ways removed from energy, such as in the production of plastic.

We will still be dependent on oil and gas to fuel our cars and warm our homes until the transition to renewable sources is complete. Even as the energy industry is in flux, there are plenty of career opportunities available for those interested in oil and gas. If you are a student trying to forge your way forward in the world with a stable career or just looking to change careers, oil and gas may be a good fit for you.

However, pursuing a career in this field should not be considered lightly. Here are 4 things to consider before taking on a job in the oil and gas sector.


You will likely have to relocate, unless you already happen to live in an oil-rich state. Texas in particularly is rich in opportunities for people looking to transition into a career in oil and gas. Houston in particular has five times as many open job opportunities as its nearest competitor.

Think about what sort of effect this will have on your social life and family. If you have small children, it will likely be easier to move to a new state. Younger kids will have a better time adjusting to new schools and making friends. Teenagers might have a harder time adapting to an entirely new social sphere.

The advent of the internet age has connected us in new and exciting ways not possible before. So if you decide to take the plunge and end up moving across the country, there is still ample opportunity to maintain the meaningful and rewarding relationships you are leaving behind.


Oil and gas, particularly those jobs related to oil and gas extraction, is not for the faint of heart. There is a pervasive danger involved in the work. Technology has come a long way, and companies do all they can to protect workers in almost every case. But there is no job without its risks.

In 2016, 1.3 out of 100 workers were injured on the job. This is below the national average, which is 2.9 per 100 workers. Fortunately, rates of injury have been on the decline since the early 2000’s and it seems slated to continue in this trend.

If you are injured in Texas when working a job oil and gas and you believe it to be a result of negligence, contact a Texas oil field injury attorney.

Type of Job

There are so many different viable careers in oil and gas that extend beyond the oil field. There are plenty of options for people more accustomed to desk jobs. For instance, there are accounting and management positions if you are interested in transitioning into the industry but aren’t quite ready to hit the field. If you already have experience as an accountant or manager or human resources representative, you can expose yourself further to the oil and gas field without fully removing yourself from your comfort zone.

If you are more scientifically inclined, oil and gas is an industry ripe for all types of engineers and geologists. Electrical engineers in particular will find great success transitioning to oil and gas, which is in high demand of these particular niche engineers.

Backup Plan

Regardless of what field you are considering transitioning into, changing or starting a career is a great undertaking. There is a lot to consider. Even the most studious of candidates won’t know what they’re getting into until they finally take the plunge. There is a degree of risk involved in any major life change, if you’re changing career tracks, and, if you are just starting your career, there is a lot of pressure to “get it right” the first time.

Remember that it isn’t always easy to gauge whether or not a job will be a good fit until you are doing it, and cut yourself some slack. A trick to keeping a cool head is to have a backup plan in place before you relocate or completely change your career trajectory. A fiscal safety net will help ease your mind and keep anxiety at bay, too. Plus, if you are not worrying about forcing a connection with a job where there is none or you are not forcing something that is not working, you will be much more relaxed, which will contribute to your success.

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