5 Things Your Teenager Needs From You


5 Things Your Teenager Needs From You

Adolescence is a new world for parents, and getting ready for it makes a big difference. Therefore, taking into account that each family is different and each person is different, these are five principles proposed that can help us to have a better relationship with our adolescents.

1.      Definition

There is a huge difference between being a child and being a young adult. Our teenage children are frustrated when they feel they are still treated like children. They are beginning to see you and the world differently. And they do not feel like children anymore, but they do not know how to stop doing it either. They need to define well the changes that are happening and they need you to help them in this definition process.

2.      Guided autonomy

Adolescents need the opportunity to start making decisions and develop a sense of authority. This is perfectly normal and healthy. We should encourage them and help them to begin to train as individual individuals that are increasingly independent. Children depend on their parents for everything. Young people want an opportunity to exercise their autonomy. We have to give them the opportunity to make decisions, to fail and to make mistakes because we will not always be there to solve their problems. To start safe, parents can make use of Android parental control apps such as FamilyTime that helps parents stay close to their kids while setting them free.

Things Your Teenager Needs From You

3.      Understanding

Sometimes even teenagers themselves do not know what they feel or understand the reasons for their behaviour. And less we parents. That is why it is so important that they see our effort to understand them and, even more, to help them to better understand their changes, attitudes and reactions. Sit with them, talk with them, listen to them, tell them about a similar experience that we have gone through when we were their age, guide them in making decisions, help them see the pros and cons of a situation … will be things that help your teenager to see that, even if you do not fully understand every detail of any situation that may arise, you are doing everything possible to understand it.

4.      Love

Parents love their children, but sometimes children feel that we do not love them or that we love one of their siblings more. We must learn to make each of our beloved children feel and, to achieve this, we must identify their individual needs. Let’s show our affection in every moment we can, express love, dedicate time, and do with them things that they like. Now that they are growing we can share moments in the kitchen, doing some project together, or eating somewhere rich. Give time and individual attention to your teenagers.

5.      Respect

Teens know they are wrong and make mistakes. And they are willing to be corrected and overcome difficult situations with help and guidance. But that help and that guide must start from the respect. They are no longer children to whom everything should be done and who need you to solve problems. Show respect by sitting with them when they are wrong, having a conversation about what has happened and helping them to think about what they have learned and how to avoid the same mistake.

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