5 Thoughtful Gifts That Require No Thought

5 Thoughtful Gifts That Require No Thought

When it comes to buying a gift for that woman in your life – be it your mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend – it can get tricky. Most women want a thoughtful gift. But, maybe you don’t consider yourself a thoughtful person. So, what’s to be done?

Here we leave you with a list of 5 thoughtful gifts that actually require no thought. They’re win-win gifts.

  • Give her something original, romantic, and inexpensive

5 Thoughtful Gifts That Require No Thought


Just because you have a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t get something meaningful. And, spending a boatload of money doesn’t guarantee her happiness, either. This is why it can be a good idea to give something that is low-budget, but high on thought and creativity.

For example:

  • Leave sticky notes all over the house, each one with a note saying how much you love her, what you love about her, why you are happy with her. Put them in the bathroom, the bedroom, the fridge, the doors, in her purse. Make a little snack or cookies or something that she can eat and take it to her at school or work. There isn’t a woman on the earth that wouldn’t appreciate this gift.
  • Fill a USB drive with different folders. In one, put your favorite love songs. In another, put your whatsapps or emails, in another put your pictures, etc. It’s just a matter of organization, but she’ll think you put much more thought into it.
  • Take her back to a special place – maybe where you met, where you gave each other your first kiss and remember with her the beautiful moments you’ve passed together.
  • Make a coupon book full of coupons like: worth 1 kiss, worth a breakfast in bed, worth a hug, worth a chore, etc.
  • Many sites online sell personalized Cocktail Glasses for all occasions. Put your names on it, your special date… and viola! Easy, seems thoughtful, and you did no work. Score.
  • Giver her something sentimental

Consider giving her a night at a hotel if you have the budget. Or, a large framed photo of you both. If your budget is mid-range, try a night out, a photo book, or if the budget is lower, try a dinner at home, a small framed photo, or a bubble bath. Consider making a homemade card.

  • Give her culture

If she loves concerts, music, plays, books, art… this is for her. Download a playlist of her favorite songs, buy her a book, or take her to a museum. If your budget allows, you can also consider taking her to the opera or to some sort of cultural event.

  • Give her fashion

While this is the perfect gift, it may be difficult to choose something or know what she likes. You may need to consult her mom or sister or even best friend.

However, if you want something that doesn’t require too much thought, consider a coat, a dress you’d love to see her in, gym clothes, or a jersey for her favorite team. You can even try a bra and panties set that you think is sexy. If you think it is, she probably will, too.

  • Give her jewelry

This is easy. Anything that reminds you of her will become her favorite piece. Look at earrings, necklaces, something with your initials engraved, or a ring.

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