5 Tips for Moving to a New City

5 Tips for Moving to a New City

Whether you’re moving near or far, the act of transporting your stuff and your life from one place to another is a trying experience. But if you plan it well, this can also be a fun and exciting time of your life. Make the most of your time, energy, and money by following these 6 simple tips.

Check Out Your New City

When it comes to moving you should look before you leap. Moving is a huge economic and emotional investment, and preparing takes time. If you’re considering a move to a city you’ve never been to, do yourself a favor and visit it first. Discover what the city has to offer like food, sports, nightlife, culture, and more. Perhaps the city has a special landmark, cuisine, or event. Ask the locals where they like to go and what you should see that’s off the beaten path so you can spend a day in their shoes. Check out the traffic and public transportation options, as well as neighborhood safety. Be sure that you know what you’re getting into before you commit.

Stake Out the Neighborhood

All cities have diverse neighborhoods teeming with new and different people. Even the blandest town will have its share of “good” and “bad” neighborhoods that you may want to join or avoid. Get to know the neighborhoods by doing some prior research. Some neighborhoods attract certain ages, cultures, and economic classes. Want to be in the heart of the city? Find a swanky apartment in the middle of downtown. Do you want to live near the beach? Browse the beach towns to find which suits your personality. From affordability to livability, get a feel for the neighborhoods to decide which is best for you. Once you find your set-up, get ready for a background check from your landlord. Landlords prefer companies like SmartMove for fast online background checks so you can move in sooner.

Get Packing

Check Out Your New City

Now that you know where you’re moving, it’s time to pack up your stuff and get ready. The method in which you choose to move is sometimes the most difficult part, and the more stuff you own the harder it is.

Start by making a route to your destination. If you’re moving across the country, find a direction that gives you the most efficient route to your new home. Research online where others recommend to go or avoid. Next, choose your moving method. Minimalists need only to bring their car, but for everyone else there are moving trucks and movers who can help. The method you choose will depend mostly on your budget. Driving a rented moving truck yourself is cheaper and preferred by some, while hiring movers is a costlier but easier alternative.

Sell the Stuff You Don’t Need

If you don’t need it, toss it.Moving trucks are expensive, and costs can run up as high as $8,000 depending on the amount of stuff you have and the time it takes to get to your destination. Parting with your old things is a great way to make a fresh start at your next digs. Sell or toss anything that’s easily replaced like dishware, flatware, or old furniture you don’t need. Sort through your belongings and separate the sentimental keepsakes from the things you can part with. Try small things like simplifying your wardrobe, getting rid of duplicates, and parting with some knickknacks. Remember, this is a perfect time to start your life anew, so what’s getting in the way of tossing your kid’s old toys that they don’t play with?

Sell Your Car

Your choice to sell or keep your car is dependent on where you move. In some cities, a car is more of a burden than a benefit. If you don’t need a car in the city you’re moving to, you can boost your funds by selling your car. Selling your car is a great way to make quick cash to contribute to your move.

The process of moving isn’t always fun, but arriving at your new home will be worth it. Move safe and sound with these tools.

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