Air Travel with Baby is Easier with This Guide

Air Travel with Baby is Easier with This Guide

If you loved to travel before you got pregnant, then the chances are good that you’re looking forward to continuing to doing so now that you’re a parent and in the many years to come. As you’ll be traveling with the little one in tow, there’s more to plan than when you were a solo traveler. Here are ways to travel with baby to make things easier for both of you.

Plan the Flight Details Carefully

Choosing a flight that won’t throw the baby’s schedule out the window is possible. It just requires more thinking ahead to find flights at times when your child would normally take a nap.

The ideal timing is to have your baby awake through the airport check-in and then fall asleep once you board the plane. While it’s tough to time everything exactly, you can at least try for this type of arrangement so that your youngster isn’t overtired and cranky while you’re in the air.

Reserve Your Parking Spot

When dropping your car at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR), you might stress about whether you will be able to find a parking spot or not. Parking lots close to the airport get busy, so save yourself the worry and time spent driving around searching for an empty stall by using now.

Included with this service is transportation to and from the airport for both of you, which makes travel much easier. Save yourself stress and time with this plan.

Chnage baby Air Travel with Baby is Easier with This Guide

Change Baby Before Getting on the Plane

The diaper change isn’t comfortable to do onboard the airplane, so plan to do so just before you get on it. Taking steps like this one ahead of time can help the baby feel fresh at the start of the flight, encouraging them to be in good temperament.

Make sure though that you don’t miss the boarding time while changing the diaper. Generally, the boarding time is 30 minutes before the flight when traveling within the U.S.

Pack Smart

The diaper bag is more important than ever while going to your destination and traveling back home. Make a checklist before you leave to make sure you pack a carry-on bag that has everything necessary, including diapers, changing pad, wipes, formula, change of clothes, and a toy.

Pay attention to how you organize items within the bag too. Put things within easy reach within the bag so that you’re not tearing everything apart inside of it trying to find something.


Final Words: Maintain Your Patience

The first time you travel with a little one can be nerve-wracking, and you might worry that you’ll upset other passengers if your boy or girl gets fussy. But you’ll likely find that those who are around you on the flight have headphones on or are focusing on something other than your child.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If something goes awry during the trip, then you’ll know how to plan around that scenario the next time you two travel together. With experience comes an even smoother travel experience.

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