Charged with a DUI: Ways to Survive A Drunk Driving Charge

Charged with a DUI: Ways to Survive A Drunk Driving Charge

According to, a DUI or Driving Under the Influence charge is similar to a DWI or Driving While Intoxicated charge. The exact charge will depend on which US state you are pulled over in.

In essence, the acronyms, “DUI” and “DWI” both mean that a driver is being charged with a serious offence that risked the health and safety of himself and others. At this juncture, it is vital to note that the phrases “under the influence” and “while intoxicated” are both relevant to alcohol, prescription medication, as well as legal and illegal recreational drugs.

While it makes sense to assume that being charged with a DUI or DWI has serious consequences, and it is far better not to drive when you have had too much to drink, taken prescription medication, or indulged in recreational drugs like Cannabis, these things happen.

And, unfortunately, once you have been caught drunk driving, the consequences include everything from paying a hefty fine, losing your driver’s licence, and spending time in jail. Therefore, the question is: What do you do when you are pulled over for a DUI in Florida?

Here are some tips to help you fight a DUI:

Be respectful and honest Charged with a DUI: Ways to Survive A Drunk Driving Charge

Don’t fight with the arresting officers

If you are pulled over for drunk or intoxicated driving, it is essential not to get belligerent, argumentative, or aggressive. Additionally, it is vital not to start a fight with the arresting officers. Not only will you get hurt, but additional charges like resisting arrest will be added to the already serious DUI charge. At best, you will harm your chance to argue a case for leniency. At worst, you will find yourself facing very severe consequences.

Hire a legal specialist

It is critical to hire an attorney who specialises in dealing with intoxicated driving charges. You will need legal representation when you appear in court. And, you will need someone to represent you while the police are taking your statement.

Criminal defence attorneys are experienced in negotiating the best and most lenient deal for their clients. Hiring a lawyer could mean the difference between going to jail and receiving a suspended sentence with community service and a cancelled driver’s license. Your aim should be to avoid spending time in jail if possible.

Be respectful and honest

Your intention should be to prove that, not only are you genuinely remorseful for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs but, you are also prepared to enter a rehabilitation programme to learn how to stop the alcohol or drug abuse.

Any insincerity will convince the judge and public prosecutor that you do not regret your actions, and there is a good chance that you will end up as a repeat offender.  Thus, you will probably end up with a harsher sentence than you would if you displayed sincerity and humility.

Final thoughts

No doubt, being charged and found guilty of a DUI is a serious offence with life-long consequences. Therefore, it is best not to drive while intoxicated in the first place.

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