Driving license, its types. Advantages of having one

Driving license

In modern life, with its rapid pace, having a car is not a luxury but a necessity. But it can be driven only by people who have the appropriate document – a driver’s license (licence). This document not only gives the person who has it the right to drive a car, but also certifies the identity of the owner.

In addition to the driver’s license issued by an authorized state body, the driving license template is used to create an alternative document. Having a driver’s license of the appropriate category allows you to drive one or more types of vehicles.

The issuance of the driving license is regulated by the national legislation of the country, and is carried out to candidates who meet the minimum and maximum age, health conditions and passed the exam. An alternative document, created with the help of the driving license template, can be held by anyone.

Categories of rights, what are they, what are they

The category of driving license means the permission to drive a vehicle of a certain type. Each category is «opened‎» separately by passing several stages – training in a driving school, passing theoretical and practical exams.

Deciphering the main categories

The main ones include several:

  1. A – driving a motorcycle.
  2. B – driving passenger cars with a weight not exceeding 3.5 tons, with up to 8 seats (the driver is not counted).
  3. C – driving vehicles with a mass exceeding 3.5 tons (trucks).
  4. D – driving buses with more than 8 seats (excluding the driver).
  5. F – driving a vehicle with a trailer.

In addition to categories, there are also subcategories. Using the driving license template you can get a document with one or more categories and subcategories «open‎».

Benefits of having a driver’s license

In addition to the fact that the license provides the opportunity to legally drive a car, their presence provides the owner a number of other benefits.

  1. Bonus during the job search. Many employers primarily consider candidates with a driver’s license. Also the driving license allows you to expand the range of professions under consideration.
  2. Opportunity to rent a car, borrow from friends or relatives, as well as an incentive to buy a personal car.
  3. The ability to always be on time anywhere. Public transport works with interruptions, cab services are not always able to provide a free car. Having a license and your own car provides freedom of movement at any time of the day or night.

What the rights look like

The document is presented in several versions (you can see this information on the website:

  1. License in the form of a book. It is an old type of license, but it is valid in the territory of the country where it was issued.
  2. The driver’s license is laminated. 
  3. A new type of driver’s license, which looks like a bank card. They are made of durable plastic material, the information on the document is protected by a special coating.

Any of these types of documents contain personal information about the person who has them, as well as additional data

For example, a modern plastic driver’s license will hold the following information.

On the front side is:

  • photo;
  • Full name (patronymic, if any);
  • date, place of birth;
  • the date on which the document was issued and the date until which it is valid;
  • the name of the issuing authority. 

Also on the front side is the signature of the license holder and the open category (or more). On the reverse side there is a table with certain information on it.

Do I have to change my license?

A driver’s license replacement is mandatory in several cases.

  1. Loss, theft of a document.
  2. The presence of tears or other significant mechanical damage that makes it difficult or impossible to read the information.
  3. If you change your personal data (name, surname, patronymic), other information.

It is necessary to replace your license if you plan to travel to another country and your driver’s license does not have an expiration date. There are special rules regarding this document abroad, so it is better to have a license that has legal force in this or that country. It will allow you to avoid unpleasant situations with the police and insurance companies.

If you plan to travel to several countries by car (personal, rented), you will need an IDP – international driver’s license. You can create a driving license for any country by usingthe driving license template, editing the data in a special program.

International rights, what are they

The International Driving Permit (IDP) is a legally valid document required to drive in many countries. For the driver’s safety and interest, it is regulated by the requirements of the United Nations.

Having an international license gives a person the right to drive a vehicle while in the territory of all member countries of the agreement without the need to confirm the qualification. But driving can only be done with an ID card and a license issued in one’s own country.

The international document contains the official translation of the national ID card. It allows you to drive a car abroad without having to pass any additional tests or exams.

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