Fool-Proof Ways to Become a Better Boss

Fool-Proof Ways to Become a Better Boss

Everyone can be a boss, but not everyone can be THE boss—that is, the leader that every employee wants to work for. In order for a business to succeed, the team must be cohesive in working towards the bigger goal, but this doesn’t come too easy when the team is led by an ineffective leader who couldn’t even gain his members’ trust.

Being the better boss doesn’t mean you only need to be the only one motivated to work; it also means setting a good example and inspiration to your team members. If that seems like a whole other burden to figure out, here are important tips to ensure that you are being the better boss that the company needs.

Establish a healthy communication.

To establish authority, a lot of employers or managers make the mistake of limiting their communication with members of the team when in fact, communication is what makes a healthy relationship. Whether it’s professional or personal, it pays to always establish an open communication with every employee.

When you listen to your team, it will be easier to spot a problematic employee through his work performance and body language. If need be, you may introduce the idea of performing marijuana hair test to confirm the problem and to ensure that your member gets the help that he or she needs.

Empower your team.

Some bosses or team leaders may feel the need to take control over everything in an attempt to get things under control. However, this could do more trouble than good. The last thing employees need is a micromanaging boss who has his or her nose up in everything. There’s a reason why tasks are delegated, and it is to share responsibilities and make the task easier. Taking control over everything will only discourage the team, as this gives the impression that you don’t trust their skills and abilities.

Instead of doing so, let empowerment be a practice within the team by letting them accomplish tasks on their own. Better yet, guide them to be more skilled individuals through additional training and education. When worse comes to worst, provide a marijuana testing to ensure that nothing gets in the way of their betterment.

Recognize their efforts.

Boss recognize their efforts

More often than not, employee turnover and productivity are greatly related to not having enough recognition from their leaders. It’s normal for a member to feel devalued when his or her efforts are not appreciated enough, and as a boss, it’s one of the things that you need to avoid at all costs. In order to be a better boss, employee recognition should be practiced in order to boost team motivation and, eventually, work productivity.

Start by addressing to every person by their names and praising them for a job well done from time to time. Many companies even hold recognition days to hand out gifts and rewards to outstanding employees.

Being the boss is quite an overwhelming task—especially if you are managing a team of different personalities. But once you get to understand that your team is composed of individuals and not just mere employees, from there on, it’s a lot easier to work on being a better leader.

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