How to choose a perfect ring setting?

ring How to choose a perfect ring setting?

There are so many styles of rings on the market, which one is right for you? In the selection of ring styles, in addition to satisfying each person’s different aesthetics, there is also a small secret hidden in it – some styles of setting can make the gemstones inlaid on it particularly large! In other words, the same number of carats, as long as you choose the right style, it looks bigger and more expensive than the original carat.

Decide whether the gem looks big or not, you should mainly look at these two places of the ring setting: the ring arm and enchased pedestal. The position on both sides of the gemstone is the ring arm. The ring arm is the deciding factor in whether a gem on a ring looks larger or not. The wide ring arm looks atmospheric, but it will make the gem look inconspicuous, and the thin ring arm will visually “accentuate” the gem. To make the gem look bigger, choose a slim ring arm for better results. In addition to the thickness, if the shape of the arm is twisted, it will make the gem look bigger than the straight arm. So, if you want to make the gem on the ring bigger, thin twisted arms are far more effective than thick straight arms.

the ring arm and enchased pedestal How to choose a perfect ring setting?

In addition to the ring arm, the enchased pedestal of the gemstone is also very important. The bigger the enchased pedestal is, the larger the gem looks. In addition to the color and style, the hardness problem must not be neglected. The ring setting is for the sake of “serving the gem”. If the ring setting is used to damage the gem, it can be reversed! For example, diamonds and red sapphire in the setting of high hardness stones, it is best to use K gold material, which is convenient for matching gemstones of different colors, and is very strong and firm.

Can the platinum material ring setting be used? High purity platinum has the risk of deformation. It is best not to take risks. Platinum 900 (Platinum + 10% other metals, which combines the advantages of platinum and K gold, both strong and textured) is not easily deformed. It will be used in high-end rings.

platinum How to choose a perfect ring setting?

For materials such as gold and silver name bracelets, although the gems are not scratched, the inlaid “small claws” made of these materials can not “tight” the gems, if you don’t want your gem to disappear, don’t use it! For example, T Medium hardness of gemstones such as tanzanite, Hetian jade do not have too high requirements for the material of the ring setting, as long as it is not too soft material such as gold or silver, it is ok. If the setting range is relatively large, it is not recommended that people use K gold or platinum of high hardness to set such jewelry as amber with a very low hardness. If you are not careful, you will scratch the surface of the amber. On the contrary, pure gold and silver are more suitable.

monogram ring How to choose a perfect ring setting?

No matter how beautiful the shoes are, if the size is not suitable, it is a pain to wear, and same with the ring. The most beautiful and favorite ring, if the size is not appropriate, it is definitely not a comfortable thing to wear.

A ring that is too large falls off easily, while a ring that is too small gets stuck in the finger, if you don’t get it properly, you have to call the firefighter to cut the ring! So before buying a monogram ring, it’s best to measure the size of your finger so that you can buy the ring that suits you best.

The method of measuring the size is also very simple. Find a line and make a circle around the root of the finger you are going to wear. Then use the ruler to measure the data. You can know what size ring you are wearing according to the table. Reminder: If you feel that the ring on your hand is getting tight, you must take it off in time, then find a jewelry store to change the size. (If you find it difficult, you can use your iced towel to your fingers before take it off).

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