How to choose your first fishing rod

How to choose your first fishing rod

If you’ve recently taken up angling and you have little to no idea when it comes to choosing the right equipment for your endeavors, this post is for you. We made a list of some types of fishing rods you may have to consider. Do keep in mind that the reel has to match the rod you’re using and that the whole ensemble needs to match the water conditions and the species of fish you are interested in catching.

Without further ado, we invite you to check out our tips on selecting the perfect pole. Reading more about these rods can help you make an informed decision.

One-piece or more?

One of the main aspects that you will have to take into account when you’re in the market for a new rod is portability. Think of it this way. Just as there are literally thousands of fishing rod models available on the market today, there are also thousands of anglers with different needs. Do you absolutely need a portable pole or would you rather use a one-piece alternative?

Both of these options come with advantages and disadvantages. A multiple-piece unit will be less reliable compared to a one-piece model, and that’s because you always have to fiddle with the components to put together and then take them apart again.

There’s also the alternative of you choosing a telescopic rod, which some argue might be better than a multi-piece one. Bear the design of the pole in mind to make the right call.


Fishing rod

Fishing rods can be manufactured from a broad array of materials. In ancient times, and even today, you could and still can craft your own wooden pole from a stick you might have found in the woods. Some anglers prefer using bamboo rods, for example, because they say that they are more user-friendly and somewhat more bendable compared to metal units.

Other than that, most of the models you will find up for sale these days will be made from a mix of fiberglass, carbon fiber, and graphite. Again, all of these materials have both cons and pros. While graphite is light and flexible, it’s also less durable compared to fiberglass. On the other hand, fiberglass is tough and rugged, but it weighs a lot more compared to graphite.

The guides

You need to know for sure that the line you are going to use is not going to break just when you are reeling in your catch. That might be off-putting, right? So you always have to look at the guides that the pole you’re considering comes with. They need to be made from a non-friction material like aluminum or ceramics or they can be specially coated to make sure that your line remains in top shape as you do your fishing.

How about the length?

fishing rod length

There’s a golden rule you should bear in mind, and it goes something like this. The longer the rod, the longer the distance it can cast. The other way around goes for shorter rods. So, in the end, the right length is that which goes well with the techniques you employ for angling.

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