How to Raise Money for Charity


How to Raise Money for Charity

Is there a charity close to your heart that you’d love to raise money for and potentially make a real difference? Whether it be funding cancer research, fighting poverty overseas or assisting animal shelters, there are a vast number of causes that need financial help to stay afloat – especially in the current climate where COVID-19 has drastically affected non-profit organizations. While you may not be able to give a significant amount of your own money to the charity, you could instead opt to raise funds through friends, family and members of the public. This guide will give you some helpful pointers to think about if you’re keen to raise money for charity in the near future:

·       Talk to the charity you’re hoping to raise funds for

Most people choose to raise funds for a charity as a surprise. However, it would always be best to speak with the charity directly beforehand. This will help you follow any fundraising rules put in place by the charity that you may not be aware of, as some organizations have specific regulations that need to be followed through. This also gives you the chance to obtain the unique tax number of the organization, so that the money raised is sent to the correct organization, while the charity can share the campaign with their own circles and help spread the word!

·       Get some help from friends

If you have friends and family members who are also passionate about the charity, you’re raising funds for, why not ask them to not just donate cash, but also their time.

If they have a particular skill that is linked to the fundraising event you plan on holding, don’t be afraid to ask if they can volunteer. Alternatively, people can contribute by sharing fundraising responsibilities to take the pressure off your shoulders and simply allow you to oversee the entire campaign as a manager.

·       Host a fundraising event

There is an abundance of ways you can raise money for charity, however, if you wish to get everyone involved and make memories, one of the best ideas would be to hold a fundraising event. This is the perfect way to build relationships with those in your community while raising cash for a worthy cause. During the event, you could hold raffles, games and activities, bake sales and even the chance to have a brick engraved from Fundraising Brick to commemorate a certain project or a deceased loved one with a simple donation, dependent on the cause.

·      Follow up with an update of how you did

Did you know that 20% of donations are received after the campaign has ended? So, don’t forget to give your followers an update of how the event went, as this may encourage them to slip in their final donations before the final total is submitted to the charity. You can keep pushing for final donations within your marketing strategy in the weeks following the event, in the hope that an extra flurry of cash will be added to the pot.

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