How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online Influencer

An Online Influencer How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online Influencer

The world of online influencer marketing is here to stay with large amounts of money being available to online influencers of all sizes. The portions of online influencers that are coveted by many brands are the medium sized online influencers that have created a sense of community among their followers. Obviously, all brands want huge names but these usually are coupled with immense amounts of money per post.

Consumers also don’t particularly trust sponsored posts by huge celebs of products for everyday people as a Kardashian likely is not using budget brand makeup or lotions. Building a community of followers is going to take time so patience is going to be a virtue. Trying to add followers at absurd rates by doing crazy acts is a saturated market. The following are the best practices to grow your community then start earning as an online influencer.

Your Niche Should Be How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online Influencer

Figure Out What Your Niche Should Be

We are all experts in one area or another whether we realize it or not. If you constantly are giving great financial advice or have built a business from the ground up, people are going to want to hear what you have to say. Choosing your niche needs to be done early as most people do not like following accounts with a myriad of topics. The fitness niche is dominated by Instagram for example while business gurus tend to love YouTube and Facebook. Picking a niche depending on your expertise and platform that you excel on can set you up for success in the world of online influencer marketing.

Launch A Website How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online Influencer

Launch A Website

Understanding how to build a website and market it appropriately is extremely important. This is going to be the platform that you can sell merchandise as well as post longer form content than you can on social media. Building a sense of community is going to happen through content so asking readers, viewers, or listeners what they want to see produced next is imperative. Doing  building of the brand on related sites has to be done to get the word out. Whether you are a business influencer or a sports personality influencer it is important to expand your personal reach with quality content. Avoid having too many ads on your site as this can slow down page loading time which will impact your search engine rankings. The more organic traffic that continually returns the better for your revenue streams via the website.

Create Content Daily How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online Influencer

Create Content Daily

Creating content on a daily basis whether it is a video or Snapchat story is imperative. Staying present in the minds of followers is essential but doing this without bombarding your feeds with content. This can lead those to unfollow an online influencer as they simply are posting too much. Loyal followers even like check-ins so it is possible to cross post on different platforms without annoying followers. Getting a few followers from each piece of content created will build a healthy follower base over the course of time. Constantly trying to force something to go viral is not going to be an efficient strategy as this often happens organically.

Schedule Out Social Media Posts Schedule Out Social Media How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online InfluencerPosts

Schedule Out Social Media Posts

Staying on your device or laptop to publish social media posts or blogs real time can be a waste. You can create an editorial calendar on the website allowing you to schedule out content publications. For social media you can do the same thing whether it is a picture on Facebook or a short video on Instagram. Engage with followers in the comments though as engaging with followers are a great way to build up loyalty of said followers.

Your Personal Brand How To Set Yourself Up To Be An Online Influencer

Only Accept Sponsors In Line With Your Personal Brand

The first thing to realize before accepting a sponsored post is whether the company delivers with a quality product/service. Asking for a sample of a product before entering into an agreement is essential. The last thing an online influencer wants to do is lose a good number of followers due to endorsing a product that simply was a piece of garbage. Posting about unrelated products/services can lead to followers unfollowing or simply stop engaging with your posts. Brands are becoming better at targets which products and online influencers make a perfect match as it delivers a higher ROI for the brand. Online influencer and brand partnerships can be extremely profitable for both sides so consider offering a long contract full of posts and content. Create your own content for the brand as followers can easily see when an online influencer has had their content made by another creative.

Organically grow a follower base large enough that brands recognize the value of using you to represent their brand. Don’t try to grow this base overnight as it simply will not work a majority of the time.

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