How to stay warm in the winter months

For people who don’t appreciate the cold weather or cannot escape it, the cold can be downright unbearable. Whether you have an illness or condition that worsens with the cold or you just can’t seem to tolerate it, the cold can become an enemy. But, there are many ways to combat the cold.

How to stay warm in the winter months

Clothing and Blankets for the Cold

The use of extra clothing has always been around to combat the coldest days of winter. Layering and bundling up helps to keep the cold air out and away from the skin. Even at night, when the house gets pockets of cold, it is best to have extra blankets, throws, robes or anything else that might provide some extra warmth to add around the room, on the bed, or on your body. A heating pad may also provide a little extra warmth on the hands and body. For people with chronic pains that worsen with the cold, this can be a great relief.

Preparing the Home for the Cold

A house can have a lot of cold spots that seem to creep in from different places. There are also energy saving ways to boost the heating potential in a home so that more heat stays in than leaks out. According to, you can “save energy by making your current system more efficient by sealing any cracks or gaps in ductwork and by insulating the ducts. Also caulk any holes in your walls, especially if they penetrate between floors to an unheated basement or attic.” continues to say that you can save up to 40% on your annual energy bill by following these tips.

stay warm in the winter months

Some people may like to use small space heaters which help to warm the cold spots in an apartment or house. Space heaters are portable and are generally used to keep warm in a small, specific area. If running the heat is an issue or there is no heat for one reason or another, the use of a space heater can solve the problem. Space heaters are usually inexpensive, easy to use and replace, and can provide a temporary solution to a heat problem.

Another quick fix for blocking out drafts is to purchase “draft blockers” or “draft stoppers” in any home improvement store and use them for the persistent drafts that come through under the door. These blockers come in different styles and makes. A draft blocker which has been around and is pleasing to the eye (it is still used today) is a slim, long, colorful, fabric bag (it is like a bean bag) that goes right on the floor in front of the door where the draft comes in. It can even be used to cover window drafts.

Other Creative Ways to Stay Warm

winter months

Of course, keeping warm doesn’t have to be a solitary experience (having others around you always helps). The more people the more body heat that is created. Sometimes snuggling up with pets can be a great source of heat, as well. While spending time with family and pets, why not enjoy some hot beverages–this has always been a practical choice to stay warm. On cold nights, a steaming hot cup of cocoa does the trick as does a piping hot cup of tea (hot soups and stews work just as well).

However you choose to warm up on the coldest days, there are many options available. The good old fashioned blankets and extra clothes always work. Preparing a house to use heat efficiently and to block out drafts is smart indeed. The traditional ways of warming up still work for many of us (warm beverages and foods) and of course, having people and pets around always makes keeping warm more fun.

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